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Susan asks…

Sports Team clothes for babies?

I have a 5 month old and I want to get him all decked out for the upcoming football season. Anybody have any suggestions on where I can find College sports clothes for a baby? Either online or in a store. Preferably Texas A & M or the Dallas Cowboys.

Adam answers:

Try or there is a store here called Sports FanAttic that I think has a website and they have alot of sports stuff. My son already has Peyton Manning and John Lynch jerseys. Ebay is a good place to find baby sports stuff too…alot of things you probably couldn’t find anywhere else. Good luck!

Paul asks…

Where can you find the “baby’s own” clothing line? Other than online.?

I love how soft and cute their clothes are. I made a trip to Dallas to stock up, now I need bigger sizes and that boutique is closed down. Do any chain retail stores sell them. Preferably in the Texas area.

Adam answers:

It’s a Canadian brand, so on-line might be the only place to buy them in the USA.

Ruth asks…

store to get babycakes clothing!?!?

im looking for baby cakes clothing but i dont know where there is a store where they sell them…
any place in the dallas metroplex?

——please no websites—- thnk you!! 🙂

Adam answers:

Aw, I’m sorry doll.
But babycakes is only online.

George asks…

Help me find a Louis Vuitton purse for my wife?

My wife is having our son pretty soon and I want to get her something special for having my baby for me. She has always wanted a LV purse. I want to get her one but I don’t know what one to get. My wife has blonde hair, she’s about 5’9″ tall and very slim. Very fair skinned and most of the time, she wears casual clothes. Her other purses are pretty big so it shouldn’t be a little purse, it has to be a big one. Can you help me out here? We live in Dallas so there are LV stores, Neiman Marcus and Saks near us. Money is no object.
Tiffanyk…excellent..thank you. I looked at those purses and that led me to find one that I think she might like. I have to stop at the store near me on the way home and check it out if they have it.

Adam answers:

Congrats on your son! And the money i tried to go below 2thousand, since its alot of money your spending. I Picked a couple out, hopefully there is one that may be suitable for your wife. If not.. You can always check the website again.
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