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Richard asks…

Unique Baby Clothing – Online Stores?

Okay, I’m looking for a variety of online baby clothing stores. I don’t want to buy the traditional Walmart or other department store onesies etc, if you know what I mean.

I’m looking for really unique and hip, kind of “sophisticated” baby clothing. I hope you get what I mean, I want her to be dressed in trendy clothing, that perhaps doesn’t look like traditional and cheap baby clothes. I’m kind of going for a more sophisticated and more expensive wardrobe with FEWER pieces, than the normal baby wardrobe, which has many many clothes that are rather cheap cost wise.

I don’t mind if it’s branded or not, but preferably not too expensive, probably less than $50 per piece, depending on what it is.

Thank you so much…
I’m actually a fashion major, so I do know how to sew. I was actually just creating a cute little outfit yesterday, so I do know that sewing is a great idea, and it does save a lot of money!

As for the $50, it’s just a general idea, but we would like to stay around that price range. I would say we could spend about $150 to $200 on a few items, perhaps a designer labelled dress and coat for special occasions, so Saks Fifth Avenue would be great for that. But I doubt we could afford an entire wardrobe at that price…

Thanks everyone so far.

Adam answers:

I think your best bet for buying sophisticated baby clothing is a high end department store like Barneys or Saks Fifth Avenue, although I doubt you’ll find many items under your $50 budget. Everything else tends to be pretty generic. My sister’s friend, Gina, actually just started making her own baby clothes. Gina had a similar goal, to have her infant daughter look as stylish as she does when they were out, but she couldn’t find a good source for unique clothes. She checked out this website:
and learned how to sew her own baby clothes. Now her daughter is as stylish as her fashion savvy mother, and she’s not a full time tailor, but she’s fixed up a couple pairs of pants and zippers for me. If you don’t know how to sew, I encourage you to try; it’s not as hard as I’d imagined, and Gina claims the books she bought paid for themselves with all the money she’s saved making her daughter’s clothes.

Good luck.

Donna asks…

Any baby clothing stores online websites that ship to Canada?

I noticed Baby gap will not ship to Canada. 🙁 I live in a small city with virtually no interesting stores for babies…please help

Adam answers:

There are a lot of different baby clothing shops that are only online and here in Canada. If you want a big chain store, please mum has really cute clothes and they ship here.

Paul asks…

does anyone know of an online baby store that sells a large variety of baby clothes?

i want to buy my babies clothes online but i cant find a store with a variety of different clothes

Adam answers:

I would say

Its all brand name and 70% below retail price. Just clicked on the newborn clothing section… Looks to be 81 different products available, hope that’s enough variety. This site is simple and straight forward in it’s navigation, not as “bulky” as the other sites. If you purchase from them make sure to use the discount code MK56955 for the best possible discount.

David asks…

Where can I find cheap baby clothes online?

My adorable baby cousin is turning 2 soon. And I won’t be able to be there for her Birthday, sadly. Her mom loves baby stores like Naartjie and Baby gap. But they don’t have Naartjie in the state I live in, and Baby Gap is too expensive because I’m only 14. And I went to the Naartjie website and they don’t have too many clothes on their website. Where can I find clothes kind of like Naartjie online for cheap?

Adam answers:

Http:// which have variety of clothes with cheap price.and free shipping all over the world

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