Baby Photos Of Celebrities

Mandy asks…

Magazines who buy celebrity photos of paparazzi?

I’m working on this story for English class and I need the name of a real magazine in the US (this story is set in LA) who would be likely to buy celebrity baby photos for millions of dollars (eg that $10M or whatever it was Brangelina baby photo)


Adam answers:

National Inquirer

Those are a few

Maria asks…

Yearbook page ideas?

I’m a school student and my class is making a class yearbook. We have been in the same class for about 4 years because we are in the gifted program. Any ideas for fun pages we can do?
This is what we have so far..:
Baby photos
Celebrity look a likes
Favourite songs/movies/video games
Interview our teacher page
Time line of all of our teachers/classmates who have come and left
Best ___ page (smile, fashion sense etc.)

Any other ideas for yearbook pages?

Adam answers:

Afterschool hobbies
achievements (awards, trophies, competitions)
last will & testament (the leaving students leave messages to leave something to the younger classes “i leave my old textbooks to … Etc etc)
you mentioned baby photos… Its really cute to get young photos of your teachers when they were your age, its pretty funny actually.

All the ones you have already are really good btw

if i think of anymore i will add later.

Robert asks…


Do you care about a photo of a celebrities baby that much?
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s baby photos will give them another $6,000,000. Is anyone else appalled by this? Frankly its just a baby, most look the same anyway.

Adam answers:

Yep I am totally disgusted who cares?

Charles asks…

What do you think of celebrities who sell photos of their newborn babies?

What do you think of celebrities who sell photos of their newborn babies to magazine publications? A la Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie.

Adam answers:


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