Baby Photos

Laura asks…

Baby photos…?

We had to bring baby photos for a Powerpoint presentation for school today. I brought mine and we all swapped them around to look at everyone elses. One girl said that I looked like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s baby, Suri.

Is this a compliment? Is she a cute baby?

Adam answers:

Yeah shes cute

I though you would look more like fergie though lol

Donna asks…

baby photos?

My four year old daughter was looking at my baby photos and when she looked at them she asked “where was i when you were a baby” cute question but a bit tricky to answer. she wants to know was she in my belly??

Adam answers:

Tell her. When my daughter was two and a half she asked how did i get a baby in my tummy. I told her “it takes a mummy and a daddy a lot of love and a little bit of magic!” I didn’t go in to detail, I didn’t lie. As she has got older I have told her more. Just tell her enough to satisfy there curiosity. But dont make stories up it only leads to confusion and distrust! Good luck

Ruth asks…

What is a good title for a baby book of photos of my daughters before they were adopted?

Found baby photos of my adopted daughters (before they came to our home) and am going to surprise my wife with a baby book with the photos. I need some CREATIVE Ideas for a title.
These are photos we thought we would NEVER see or even knew existed!

Adam answers:

Daughter1Name & Daughter2Name: Our Early Years

What an amazing and treasured gift this will be!

Good luck,
~Dr. B.~

Sandra asks…

Where can you get baby photos done at 5 or 6 weeks postpartum?

After i give birth I want to have my baby‘s photos done. What are some good infant photo places in Michigan besides Wal-mart and K-mart.

Adam answers:

JC Penny, Target, Life touch, you could also search for a private photographer it’s generally a better experience. Congrats and good luck (:

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