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John asks…

My sister in law has just had a baby and she desperately needs one of those donut pressure relief cushions?

Does anyone know where I can get one for her today. It has to be from a UK Shop. I don’t have time to order online, because she needs it today – she can’t sit down!

Adam answers:

Cant help with the ring but a warm bath with a few drops of lavender oil (no other products) helps the healing process and makes you feel relaxed too.

Carol asks…

What would be a good department store for babies in the UK ?

Best is a place where one can find clothes, toys but also diapers and stuff.
I’d like to buy gift vouchers for a fresh new mum, preferably to have the option of online shopping.

Thanks a lot.

Adam answers:

Mothercare, Babys’R’Us or even!
You can find helpful tips for baby gift cards and where to best buy them here:

Daniel asks…

reborn doll shops UK?

i’d like to know if anyone knows of an actual reborn doll shop or shop that sells supplies to make reborns (life like babies) in the UK… i know of the ones on ebay, but i’d like to know if there is a place i can actually go to instead of buying online

Adam answers:

has a good list of resources is a non ebay shop.
I hope you find what you are looking for

Helen asks…

Do you know any good shops to buy unisex baby clothes from?

In the UK – highstreet or online.

Adam answers:

I live in the Uk and had my baby 4 months ago, for the first 25 weeks or so I didn’t know what I was having so I bought A LOT of unisex clothing.

I shopped at Mamas and Papas which do lots of white etc unisex clothing. I also bought a lot of white/yellow/patterned sleep suits and vests from asda/tu at tesco/ debenhams etc.

As babies grow out of clothes AMAZINGLY quickly I bought lots of clothes from NCT nearly new sales. The clothes are in great condition and cost a fraction of the price they do new. I bought a few girly things and a few boy things just incase and lots of neutral colours.

All in all, you can find unisex clothes almost anywhere that sells baby clothes.


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