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Maria asks…

Do you do your baby shopping online when you can’t find an item in store?

Do you ever have a hard time finding a particular item in store and you go to the web for help?

What would that item be?? I want to get together a really special gift of hard to find items. Thanks!

Adam answers:

For the most part, I do my shopping at stores, but there are times when I go to the internet to find what I need. For example, my daughter got this little security blanket with a satin edge from Tiddliwinks at Target, and it occurred to me last week how screwed I would be if something happened to her little blanket. Without that blanket in her hands, my daughter will not go to sleep, and when she’s not feeling the best, the blanket is her little cuddle buddy. So anyway…I went to Target to try to find another one, and sadly, I found that the stores don’t even carry that particular blanket anymore. However, they do still sell that security blanket on their website, so I ordered one so that I have a back-up.

Carol asks…

Where can I buy jars of pickled baby pumpkins (online or at the shop)?

I cannot find them anywhere it seems!
The clue is in the word ‘baby‘ lianne m. Good 1 pointer though.

Adam answers:

Dont think you will find them, you could try tesco direct, you will have to sign up though.

failing that you could make your own

i think it’s the only real answer that you will have a result with. Making your own!

Susan asks…

what are some good places to shop for baby clothes online?

Adam answers: 🙂

Nancy asks…

Baby shops online help ..?

What r good cheap online shops for baby stuff

Adam answers:

Baby’s R Us

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