Baby Shopping Checklist

Joseph asks…

please help with the baby checklist?

hi will be travelling to india for my delivery from dubai am thinking of doing shopping from here (from dubai)…so what all things should i take with me?do i need to take a pram/buggy?bassinet?please help me

Adam answers:

You could borrow things when you are in India that way you dont need to take everything with you. You definatly need somewhere for the baby to sleep, a pram, thats pretty much it until it is a couple weeks old, all babies do is sleep. You could get a pram with a carry cot that way you can just let the baby sleep in that while there, you will need blankets too. Good luck.

George asks…

Baby Checklist?

I am pregnant and starting to do up a list of all things that I would need to have the baby as I do not want to keep on having to run to the shops all the time. I am just looking for a basic list of things I will need for 3 months as I will not be getting paid over those three months and want to buy as much as possible before I have the baby.

Do you maybe have a list that you used or some tips?

Thanks for your help.

Adam answers:

I really recommend the book Baby Bargains — it’s basically the consumper reports of the baby product universe, with great reviews of items/manufacturers (and much more current than any consumper reports special edition on such things). It also includes lists not just of what you need, but when you realistically need it.

That said….

For Sleeping: (this assumes you want the baby to sleep in a crib)

* crib
* crib mattress
* crib mattress protector
* crib sheets (a few sets)
* blankets — not for sleeping, but for while you’re waiting in the doctor’s office (between being weighed and having the doctor eventually arrive…during which period baby will be naked) Big ones are also good for playing/tummy time (and I think they’re just as good as, say, a gymini)

* if you’re going to have the baby in a basinette for a while, get a basinette. Or a Moses Basket. Or a co-sleeper that sets up next to your bed at the same height and is great for a nursing mom. And whatever sheets would be right for whatever you get, if you go that route.

Don’t bother with a bedding set — the American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents not to use bumpers (suffocation and SIDS risks) or blankets (same thing). You can buy a crib skirt separately if you want one. And you can buy a “breathable mesh bumper” for the crib — not so much padding, but it will prevent a baby from getting limbs stuck between slats. I highly recommend them. (You can find them at BRU, Target, etc.)

For Moving Around:

* car seat (unless you’re walking the baby home from the hospital, you won’t be allowed to leave without this in place) If you have more than one car you may want a second base (or a second base for a grandparent’s car, or whatever)

* stroller (if you go with an infant car seat consider a stroller compatible with it. Unless there’s a particular stroller that you know you want, take a look at the “snap n go” — it’s basically a frame for the car seat, is compatible with most car seats, and is extremely light and inexpensive….and then by the time you’re ready for a more substantial stroller you’ll know better what your stroller needs are and what characteristics you want a stroller to have.)
* carrier or sling if you want one — especially great for the first few months when baby doesn’t weigh so much!

Clothing items:

* sleepers
* sleep sacks (essentially, a wearable blanket, sleeveless is best because it prevents overheating)
* swaddler (I recommend the Miracle Blanket) — swaddling is fantastic for the baby and most commercially made/sold receiving blankets aren’t nearly big enough. The vast majority of babies sleep better swaddled.
* onesies — how many and what kind depends on time of year. If it’s going to be cold make sure to get some longsleeve ones if you can find them (they’re hard to buy out of season for some reason)
* socks — I’d get some but not loads, most babies find a way to get them off their feet. In addition unless it’s extremely warm your newborn will likely be spending a lot of time in something with feet on them!
* hats — a must. Most body heat is lost from the head.
* “outfits” — some moms really want them, but my advice is: if you want a special outfit to take your baby home in from the hospital by all means get it. But you will find yourself inundated with baby clothes given as gifts when the baby is born, and that’s where most outfits will come from (and a lot of pajamas, too).

Babies grow fast — don’t buy a lot of stuff in the newborn size! Go for the 3-6 mos size, and larger — you’ll find that your baby will never even wear half of what’s in his/her closet/drawers when the baby is very little.


* boppy pillow — personally I never found it helpful for breastfeeding but it’s tremendously helpful for tummy time (and you never know, you may like it for breastfeeding)

* if you’re’ breastfeeding: lansinoh cream for your nipples, nipple shields just in case…a pump if you plan on needing one… If you plan on pumping to feed your baby expressed breast milk and/or to freeze for later, you’ll need the right supplies for that

* if you’re formula feeding: bottles and formula.
I do not recommend stocking up on lots and lots of bottles — you may think Dr Browns is the way to go and your baby might decide that he hates that nipple, etc. You may be lucky and your baby may be happy with the first type of bottle you try, or you may have to try a few until you find one that a) baby likes and b) doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out (I lucked out with Avent, for what it’s worth, and every lactation consultant I spoke with recommended it)

Changing Baby

* diapers — don’t stock up on too many, and don’t stock up on the newborn size, but have some on hand in newborn and have more onhand in size 1. (You may find that Pampers leak and you prefer Huggies, or vice versa, or whatever…a lot has to do with how your baby is built, some diaper brands “work” better than others on some babies.)

* wipes — stock up. No such thing as too many. BUT if they contain any kind of perfume or anything, don’t stock up — wait and make sure your baby’s skin doesn’t have a reaction to it.

* diaper cream (for what it’s worth: a large size container of aquafor goes a looooooooooong way. Hey, aquafor is even what pediatricians recommend for various facial rashes on babies..)

* place to change baby: up to you. I wouldn’t bother with a separate changing table as they’re expensive and you really won’t use it for that long. If you have a house and will be “spread out” over several floors, I would consider having a little “changing area” set up downstairs (assuming the nursery is upstairs) so you don’t have to run up and down all the time. I just took a nice basket and filled it with diapers, a thing of wipes, a small tube of diaper cream, etc. And bought a contoured changing mat at BRU with a couple of terry covers.

Baby Stuff

* bouncy/swing — you don’t need both but I highly recommend getting at least one, they can be lifesavers. (With a bouncy, go for one that vibrates; with a swing, go for one that can easily be converted to swing front/back or side/side, playes music, and has rotating gizmos for baby to look at.)

* mobile — if you want one. (They have great ones at Avoid mobiles with manual wind up mechanisms to play the music, as they are noisy and have been known to disturb their fair share of nearly-sleeping babies.

* small CD player for nursery if you want one. (ditto white noise machine)

Medical Supplies:

bulb syringe, infant tylenol drops (don’t use without a doctor telling you to, but have it on hand if you need it), thermometer for baby, vaseline, alcohol wipes (keep away from baby! But needed to clean thermometer and may be needed for belly button care (depends on doctor’s orders) and/or circumcision care (if applicable), infant gas drops, “gripe water,” gentle baby wash, baby nail clippers, baby nail file…



chest of drawers for baby clothes? Dresser with changing station on top? Organizers for baby’s closet to break the space up into managable efficient smaller spaces? Bookcase or something with shelving for all the baby books?

Anyway, sorry for rambling. Obviously not everything is needed and obviously I’ve left out things that I’m not thinking of right now or that you know you want. I would definitely check out the Baby Bargains book. Also, when BRU was connected with the site had some useful lists for new parents…I imagine that the new BRU site has lists as well.

Donald asks…

Baby’s most important items?

I am on a budget and am going to start some early planning/shopping before my baby arrives. What are the most important items to have at home when you bring baby home from hospital? I need a checklist! Thanks

Adam answers:

Useful list

Lizzie asks…

newborn checklist?

I am going to start shopping for my baby. I am 24 weeks pregnant. I am not sure where to start.. what I need for the first 6 weeks, and what I don’t.. I dont want to go over board… also, did you all wait until after the baby shower to go buy stuff? or did you buy some things before? I am confused. this is our first baby. please help
also should i wait until the baby shower to go shopping for big ticket items… i know my mom told me to wait.. but I am anxious. and nervous because the only thing i have for my baby girl is 2 outfits!!

Adam answers:

Wait till after the baby shower. A hip hammock is an excellent thing to have,cloth diapers for spit rags.

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