Baby Shopping Websites

Helen asks…

Baby crafts websites and I need your help?

Hello there, I need your help!
I was just wondering if any of you could suggest me good websites to look at to find some inspiration. I work for a charity office that deals with underprivileged mothers and their babies and I’m currently designing a baby clothes line that will be sold in shops and the money will be given to these mothers. I had a look on Etsy but I’d love if someone could suggest other websites to look at. Or even suggest something!

Adam answers:

This site has a great article on printable toddler crafts I’m not sure if it might be of any use to you or not:

Steven asks…


*i do alot of online shopping between walmart and kmart do anyone know more websites besides

*my daughter is 3 months and im looking for a swing that moves back and forth that would grown with her weight so we wouldnt have to throw it away when she get 6 or 8 months..something that will last long?

Adam answers:

Google what you are looking for. There are hundreds out there. You can even gor to Baby’s are us and toy’s are us. Gerber, walmart, k-mart. They all have good information.

Nancy asks…

Baby Shopping….Any really cool website?

I am just trying to get all my registry stuff done and want to know everyones fav websites for baby stuff……help

Adam answers:

I love: (has everything, esp. New things for low prices)

Some stuff to register for:
a baby carrier (sling, wrap, etc.)
a baby swing (it’s a real lifesaver)
a travel system
a breast pump if you’re going to bf

I consider wipes warmer a waste of time, as are bottle warmers if you’re going to formula feed. You’ll probably get lots of clothes for baby, like I did. It was enough to last him for the first 4 months of his life. People will also get you diapers, if they have common sense.

George asks…

shops or websites to buy clothes for a baby boy?

hi, does anyone know of any good shops or websites to buy clothes for a baby boy????(he’s 6 months old)


Adam answers:


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