BABYBJÖRN Plate and Spoon, Green

Baby Bjorn has taken a long, hard look at children, food and gravity. The result is a completely reinvented plate and spoon. Their unique dinner set is designed to help children eat by themselves at an early stage. The three leaf clover shape of the Baby Bjorn Plate makes it easier for the child to scoop up food with his spoon rather than pushing it around in circles. The plate stands steadily on the table and is difficult for small hands to grab and throw on the floor. A rubber base prevents the plate from sliding. The Baby Bjorn Spoon is easy to grip. Its shape and short handle are designed to work with a child’s motor skills instead of against them. Once in the child’s mouth, the shape of the spoon ensures that no food remains on it afterwards, while still being deep enough to eat soup. The Baby Bjorn Spoon can be used with either hand, an important consideration as a child of 12 months still hasn’t decided which hand he prefers.
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