Bundle Monster 6 Pair Baby Leggings / Leg Warmers Mix Design Set for Girl

Dress up your little darling in something that is fashionable and adaptable – another fine product brought to you by Bundle Monster. This cutesy 6 pair baby-leggings set comes with 6 unique and fun designs for your little girl. This collection features these designs as viewed in the main photo: Ballerina, Pink Punky Sneakers, Connect-A-Flower, Little Hula Girl, Fly Away Butterfly and Country Flower. Each legging dimension is 32 cm by 8 cm and has a very comfortable stretch in both the length and width direction for a soft fit. Leggings are made to fit most babies. The actual fit of the leggings will depend on age and weight of your child, the leggings will slouch and be longer for newborns as where toddlers may be able fully extend the leggings to feature the designs. Use our leggings as an added accessory to your child’s outfit or use them to protect your child’s knees as they learn to crawl – this style allows parents to easily change baby diapers and helps to protect your ch
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