Designer Baby Clothes Stores

Betty asks…

Designer Baby clothing store websites?

Adam answers:

I am an addict when it comes to shopping for my little one so I am full of information when it comes to baby clothing stores.

Here are a few that I frequent (every week! LOL)


Donald asks…

Any smaller stores that sell designer clothes in every department?

My little sister and I want designer clothes, so what store sells them in every size and department. (EX. Children and baby, teens, adults)

Adam answers:

How about Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus?

If you want them for a cheaper price, you have to go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They offer designer clothes for almost half the price but they might be from previous season- no one will tell though!

I hope I helped 🙂

Michael asks…

Looking for Montreal designer consignment stores?

I’m looking for second hand stores in Montreal that sell only designer clothing. I don’t really have any interest in retro clothing, and would prefer it was also catered to babies/children.

Please let me know if you know of any. Thanks!

Adam answers:

I have a place…
It’s called: “Les Importation Sara”
The owner is Italian and he sale anly european made clothes, all importet direc. From italy (so all really new stile),I go there and he has really nice stuff for any occation at really good prices, I know he works anly on appointment but i don’t think he has any kids clothes but he has both men and women
this is his P# 514-562-3709 his name is Nico.
Try it
Hope you’ll like it

Sharon asks…

how to find cheap designer clothes/handbags etc or their knockoffs on ebay?

im new to ebay and so far i have only bought stuff thru paypal from aussie ppl, but id like to buy some designer stuff really cheap or the knockoffs does anyone know a good seller on ebay or how to find stuff like this? any good ebay stores for all kinds of clothing accessories or even baby stuff would be appreciated 🙂 thanks

Adam answers:

I have a suggestion about the knockoff designer handbags.
They have detailed pics which are taken from actual items and one of my friend bought from their website, the quality is fabulous.

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