Fashion Baby Bags

Nancy asks…

at what age does a baby stop being a ‘fashion accessory’ for a teen mom? My friend say 6 months,?

I say 9 months if they aren’t walking. And your mom can buy you both such cute matching outfits. Even if it is a boy. Leggins, knee capri’s, little tops. and Tee’s. a cap for the boy and a soft band for the girl, And one for you matching theirs.
Get a contrasting baby bag and little purse to hold credit cards and cell phone. You are ready to go strollin’.
What you expect teen moms to stop being fashion conscious? To stop caring about how they look and who is hot and who is not? Get real. And are they going to stop going to the mall and hanging out with friends? What are they suppose to do, hide at home and take care of the baby? A baby is nothing to be ashamed of. They are cute and fun most of the time. And it helps if your mom helps you a lot with them.
How are girls who have had babies going to get new boyfriends if they don’t hang out at the mall? Some schools even have day cares. That is how popular being a single teen mom is now.
I didn’t mean we aren’t good moms, we are great moms. but we are YOUNG and we want our lives too. You all seem like you want us to be “old people” and stop having fun. Stop doing teen things. If us walking around with our babies disturbs you don’t look.
We are proud we are teen moms. My mother says we are a social statement–whatever that means.

Adam answers:

Thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard. A baby is a baby not a fashion accessory!!! I dress my kids cute cause i love them and want them to look nice and to have nice things, and i will continue to do it until they are adults!!!

Lizzie asks…

Why are some new young mothers so worried about brand names and fashion for their baby.?

I read the questions in Pregnancy and Newborn and Baby and I laugh. Like the girl who asked if her diaper bag should match her outfit or her baby‘s outfit. I understand that some people only want brand name things for their newborn and their baby but the way I see it, the baby is either gonna spit up on it or poop all over it . So , why not just go to walmart or somewhere and buy it just as cute but cheaper.
I should probably add that Im not against brand names. But I for one sure wouldnt be caught dead paying full price for them.
in response to what dylans mommy said:
Im a young mother , only 24. And as a very young mother when I had my first (only 19) I can say your reasons are no excuse for the selfishness of most of the young new mom’s out there . Too worried about what their children and themselves wear to realize that it’s not about the clothes and the gear that makes you a good parent . And as for clothing quality, wash them and they’ll last long enough for your child to out grow them.

Adam answers:

It would be all fine and dandy if you can shell out $60.00 for an outfit that would fit a doll. But if I certainly would not, they out grow them too fast. As soon as you buy them, they wear them three to four times and it’s time to buy new ones. I would only buy them full price if I wanted an outfit for a special occasion or pictures.

John asks…

How many new moms out there will not use a diaper bag when they have a baby?

Do you think that diaper/ nappy bags are really daggy? I have seen a few that I like but I don’t want to be stuck with the one bag for a year! I have also recently found this bag organiser called a PouchMISS (has anyone tried this?) that you can use to turn normal handbags into baby bags but is this being too fashion conscious for a daggy new mum? Any thoughts?
WOW – so many answers!
I think I might invest in a few gorgeous new handbags and just buy a Pouchmiss, they just look great and best of all they can hide in your bag! Even the nicest of baby bags is still a baby bag – I checked out some of the suggestions but they seem to be a little bit pricey.

Adam answers:

I dont have a diaper bag for fashion , Lord knows, i have a big bulky thing that was given to me by my mom, but im not trying to look good, im just carrying something i can change my sons poopies with…lol, have fun.

Betty asks…

Anyone ever heard of “Vogue Mode Girls” Fashion dolls?

Last night at a party, (it was a party for a baby) and at the end we all got goody bags. In the goody bags for girls was a “Vogue Mode Girls” fashion doll. I was just wondering if anyone else has some and knows where I can find more? I’ve looked online and I can’t find anything.

Adam answers:

There are no results for it on Google. Look on the package and try googling the name of the distributor or manufacturer. It’s probably still available under a different name.

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