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Mark asks…

What theme was your baby shower?

My mom keeps asking me what i want the theme for my baby shower to be. this is driving me crazy since i am only 13 weeks. She picked the date in July and I dont care to plan it yet but she is anal and wants to start now… so what was your theme… i don’t want to do the boy girl thing and i don’t want something old fashioned. thanks 10 pts to the one that i like the most…

Adam answers:


Hope this website helps, and I think these are only a few of the cute ideas.

Charles asks…

i’m planning a baby shower ..what would go with a “quilt” theme for centerpieces and?

decoration ideas?
i have many old beautiful baby quilts which i am using instead of paper as table toppers, which will then be given to my daughter in law, so she’ll have an extra collection of blankets..i am thinking more “old fashioned” centerpieces and decorating…any ideas with this?

Adam answers:

I found some suggestions for actually making a quilt at a baby shower:

You could make a cake with a ‘blanket’ as icing,

You can even make a patchwork design with different types of bread when you make a platter of sandwiches, display different coloured shortbread cookies in a quilt pattern, make square crackers and cheese etc.

The baby shower invitations and cards could be quilted:

You may get some ideas from this description of a quilt party given for mothers:

Have patchwork quilt cushions on the chairs and sofas, hang a quilt on the wall, use them as throws over furniture, decorate a lamp shade with a patchwork fabric, wear a patchwork apron (or provide one each for guests), or ask guests to wear clothing in quilted designs.

Looking in second hand shops at the linen and clothing for sale there may unearth some treasures too.

I hope it is a very special event 🙂

Richard asks…

I am trying to find baby shower items in Holly Hobbie pattern or nursey decoration that are…?

…holly hobbie, any help?
My SIL is wanting to do her nusery in old fashioned Holly Hobbie. I am trying to find baby shower invitations and such in that theme as well as things for her nursery. Any help would be appreciated.

Adam answers:

Here is something cute to give out at the shower that has a Hlly Hobbie feel to it

and here is a nursery rhyme gift idea

for invitations i would browse tiny prints

Sharon asks…

green and white baby shower…?

I am pregnant with my first and my mom is so excited she wants to start planning the baby shower already. She wants me to pick a theme I like so we can start buying stuff (we have a tight budget it would be better to start early so everything will can be perfect when the time comes). I am having my baby shower April 26th (I’m due May 25).. I want my theme to be simple green and white.. so i was thinking of different shades and green and white decorations? Like paper laterns and white flowers and things like that. Also the toilet paper game because toilet paper is white or using green string.. is this tacky? Do you have any more ideas..It will be spring and i live in ohio. Im 19 (will be 20 at the time of shower) and i dont really want anything to old fashioned. I dont like anything with would white flowers be better than white teddy bears with green bows? What are some cute favors I could hand out? Thanks for anything you can come up with!

Adam answers:

Green and white sounds nice.. You can give white chocolate teddy bears lollipops ( you can make them) with a green ribbon on the bag with your shower info on them. You can make flower lollipops as well.
What will make the green and white flow even nicer is if you don’t find out what you are having.. If you know it is a boy or a girl, you will be so tempted to lean towards gender specific items which will come in either pink or blue.
If your guests don’t know what you are having, they will bring you mint, white and yellow layette and it will keep the whole flow of the theme.
Off topic.. But keep in mind…Babies do not sleep in their own rooms right away.. They stay in yours in a bassinet or cradle for a couple of months and you do not have to know what you are having to register or set up a room. When you have too much done too soon, it makes your pregnancy feel so slow because you pretty much have everything prepared and nothing to do but wait.
I’m at 31 weeks and have no clue what I am having and this is so much fun and its going by so quick… When my sister in laws had their babies and knew what they were having it was so odd.. We knew the sex, the name…and when she went into labor they called and said..” I’m going to have Peter now.. I’ll call you with the weight” When my friends did not know it was so exciting waiting to hear it’s a boy or it’s a girl.. You can’t change the sex and you are going to accept and love the baby no matter what so why bother knowing.
Enjoy planning your shower and I think the green and white will be nice..

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