Funky Baby Clothes For Boys

Sandra asks…

1st Birthday gift ideas for a baby boy £20 budget?

Please help – any ideas appreciated.

Adam answers:

Theres lots hun xx
here’s what my boy recieved for his 1st birthday from me and everyone else, hope it helps:
musical spinning drum that lights up and flashes when he spins it
inflatable chair
inflatable spaceship with lots of plastic balls (basically inflatable stuff lol)
dvds of in the night garden (or whatever the boy likes on tv lol)
his auntie bought him a fish and a tank – but dont go there i wasnt happy lol i now have 4 fish!
a birthday cake
ride on toys for 1 year plus
funky cups for his juice and milk

Linda asks…

anyone know any good websites to find funky baby boy clothes…..?

We are having a boy, found out last week, and we are really not wanting to dress him up in planes, trains, and automobiles. Sports themes are a no go with us as well, and that seems to be all we can find in our area for baby boy clothes. Anyone know any good websites fr finding something kinda punky, alternative and just different from everything else?

Adam answers:

Childish clothing. This company is owned by Skye Hoppus, the wife of Blink-182’s bassist Mark Hoppus. They have lots of fun, punky clothes for boys. I shop there for my daughter and my nephew and always find something that gets a lot of compliments.

Mary asks…

What outfit ladies did you wear?

What outfit what style do you do?
name the style too
More specific your fav casual or dressy outfit

Adam answers:

I cover a lot of styles..
1. Casual.. Cute plain shirts, or just cute or comical tees I buy online (for example from, paired with perfect fitting jeans, bermuda shorts, or cut offs (pants I cut to how I want them), and a cute pair of keds with no socks, or cute flip flops..

2. Dressy.. Under this category goes anything I would wear for a fun night out with friends, or dinner… For shoes I wear many different types of pumps or sling backs with no stockings.. For bottoms, a nice pair of dark wash jeans, or dressy bermudas, or boy shorts, and the occasional short skirt which can be uncomfortable to wear.. I love baby doll tops that are long and flowy, or form fitting dressy tank tops.. And strapless shirts, i love my shoulders =].. And I love shirt dresses or tunics that I can wear as a dress paired with heels..

3. Hippie.. I didn’t know what to name this category.. Some of my clothing is funky or bohemian and reminds me of the 60s era.. I don’t really know how to explain This can fit under categories 1 and 2..

4. Work.. I’m so glad to have the job I have at my age, because I get to dress up in work clothing! Pencil shirts, button down shirts with cute vests and blazers.. And who could forget a classic pair of black pumps!

It’s hard to explain everything I like to wear.. It’s no certain style, just stuff that caught my eye at stores and I bought.. To truly know what I’m talking about while I explain all the types of stuff I wear you would have to see it yourself..

Maria asks…

Since when does being a stay-at-home-mother make you a gold digger?

I am asking this because I was very hurt and offended by another poster who called me a gold digger and leach for staying at home with the kids while my fiance works.
In this society have we gotten to the point where the traditional man working and woman raising the children is bad? I’ve lived with my man for almost 7 years (in a house that I bought no less) and we have 3 children together.
We decided with the cost of daycare ($900 month for 3 children) and a small baby at home I should stay home and that it was a good time for me to finish my education. I understand when people can’t afford to stay home, but when someone can, why is it wrong?
I don’t feel that I am a leach, I wake up at 4 am to fix his breakfast before work, I make his lunches, wash his funky drawers, clean the house, and take care of our boys, and do my etc.

On one hand people complain that parents are not raising their children right or not spending enough time with them, and when one of us do we are vilified?
I think people have the misconception that SAHMs sit around all day. Well I don’t. Sure I get on the internet but after my house is spotless and when the kids are playing with their friends. I am able to take my kids to museums, parks, zoos, etc. I can cook a home cooked meal every night. My son tells me all of the time how happy he is that I am at home now. I don’t think its fair that SAHMs are resented in theis society.
Lydia, I understand your point. But I feel that the only difference between my relationship and a traditional marriage is a piece of paper. In fact he proposed to me 3 months ago but we still aren’t planning to get married for another few years (my choice).
We have a better relationship than many of our married friends and we have lasted longer than some married people who have criticized us. In an age when many marriages are ending within a few years, I think we are just fine.

Adam answers:

When I made the decision to stay at home with my then 5 month old son, I felt as if I wouldn’t be contributing to our household. My ex explained to me in terms of, if I did work, then he couldn’t go to work knowing that everything at home was taken care of. I think choosing to stay at home with your children says more for a woman than the one that chooses to work. Not only are we taking responsibility for how are children are raised, we are making the ultimate sacrifice for our little ones. I gave up dinners out, fancy vacations, expensive clothes, etc for the benefit of my boys. It is the hardest job I will ever have, but the pay is better than any dollar amount. Knowing that I am the one that raised my children is the biggest pay off in the world. At the end of the day when I see my boys tucked in bed in a clean house, I know I made the right decision.

Forget what other people say. They have no clue how hard it is to raise little ones. They have no idea how much money is actually saved by staying at home with children. No one can call me a gold digger or lazy. Not only can I say I’m the one responsible for these awesome little ones, I can also say that not only did I help shape the next generation today, I also cut the grass, did the shopping, cleaned the house, played a few games, and had the time of my life!!!!

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