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Chris asks…

Were can I buy scene clothes in the uk?

I know loads of websites that have awesome ‘scene’ clothing but if anyone knows some shops (preferably near Brighton) even if they are high street that sells funky ‘scene’ style clothes it would be a great help for me. (Please don’t say camden market because I go there when I can but it’s kinda hard to get up to London as much as I would like)

Adam answers:

But you can buy clothes from anywhere & make it look scene, I remember back in the day (im talking 5 years ago now) when I was 15 I did the whole scene kid thing, it was pretty new then & I wore a lot of cutesy things like little rings with cupcakes on and stuff did my hair hugely backcombed and it was white blonde with baby pink streaks. I used to put cute hairbands and clips in it. I also had piercings, tongue webbing, 23 in my ears and i had a nose stud and snakebites. WInged eyeliner and lots of mascara and fake lashes. Lots of leopard print and skinny jeans. Converse were my best friend, but so were really cute little leopard print ballerina shoes.
I bought clothes from anywhere. I also used to buy mens tshirts and cut the neck out to make it off the shoulder, especially band shirts and ones with starwars, dr who, harry potter, anything geeky on them. I also remember wearng fairywings far too often. I also loved vivienne westwood accessories (still do) and i loved wearing little shirts (fred perry polo’s – werent in massive fashion them) with skinnies and cute cardigans over the top, mostly leopard ones or bright coloured ones with far too many bangles and bracelets, mostly all kiddies ones, disney princesses, hannah montana etc. I also loved wearing oversized jumpers with lots of beaded necklaces and leggings and converse.

You cant go to a certain shop and expect to come out scene. You make your own look based on what you like otherwise your just a clone of everyone else out there and when scene is meant to be individual and non conforming.. Its no good going to hot topic online and buying a s h i t load of what every f*cker else has!! X

Susan asks…

Name ideas for baby business?

I am opening an online business selling homemade baby clothes and accessories. My products are vintage / retro inspired, funky, and a bit left-of-centre.

I love sweet quirky names such as “Little Bird” but I googled this and there are already businesses in this name. Any other funky original ideas?

Adam answers:

Mod Tot.
Redro Bud.
Hip Hop (with a bunny as the logo, and hip like cool)
Hipscotch (as a play on hopscotch)

Laura asks…

wholesale for FUNKY baby clothes..?

im in the uk just started up a little buz selling funky, different baby, toddler clothes.
where can i find funky, different to the highstreet baby clothing but wholesale?
ive been on ebay and got a few things from the china/hong kong pages
but where else??????

Adam answers:

You can take help of online business to business platforms for wholesale of funky baby clothes.

Ruth asks…

My friend is entering a mommy and me contest! Need a place to get matching outfits!!! 10 points!!?

mommy and daughter matching outfits. Nothing really fancy, just everyday clothes.. help!

Adam answers:

Check online for a few websites. They have matching costumes. I agree with the other person who answered your question, check out walmart, target,etc. You can also create an outfit.
Example; You get jeans, baby jeans, really funky shirt, and a simlar and same one 4 the baby.

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