Newborn Baby Clothes For Boys

Daniel asks…

Baby clothes for newborn Boys!?

does any one know where a good place to find the hip clothes for little boys. Like polo shirts, jeans shorts and pants, khaki pants, plaid button up shirts and things of that sort. i cant find a good store to find baby boy clothes
All of these answers are great! Thanks every one!!

Adam answers:

Carters has a lot of great polo onesies for baby boys right now, and button up plaid shirts… Khaki pants, cargo shorts, plaid overalls… All sorts! And theya re having a nice sale on everything too! Check out a carters or oshkosk or gymboree! They have a ton of cute stuff!

Thomas asks…

Cute Newborn Baby Boy Clothes?

I need links for cute newborn baby boy clothes, or maybe pics of an outfit and where to buy it. That’s all! I need Answers!
Ya’ll are helping me! Help me out here I need and 1 week outfit. An outfit for each day seven day a week!

Adam answers:

Look under *layette* and *boys*
Look under *baby* and *boys*

Laura asks…

Clothes for baby boys?

Where can I find baby boy clothes that AREN’T cover in cars/puppy’s/dinosaurs? It seems like all the newborn/infant boy clothes I find are trying too hard to be cute. Does anyone know of a brand or store that sells clothes that look cute but don’t have stupid little creatures on them? I’m looking for normal looking clothes that just happen to be really small lol. Thanks

Adam answers:

Haha! When you find out what store carries these, let me know if they have clothes for girls that won’t compare my daughter to food. She isn’t daddy’s little cupcake.

Lizzie asks…

Where do you buy clothes for baby boys?

I’m in Ireland and recently a few of my friends have had baby boys and I’ve been finding it incredibly difficult to get nice outfits as gifts for them. I think it’s really unfair the way there seem to be so many gorgeous things for girls and not much (except the boring, same old stuff) for boys. Does anyone else find this? I have been looking on the net and have seen a couple of things but nothing in any of the shops here. Can anyone suggest anywhere I can go to get a nice little outfit for a newborn baby boy?

This has also made me think that a shop selling just boys stuff would make a mint… what do ye think?

Adam answers:

I got most of my stuff via eBay and thrift stores, actually. And add to that friends and coworkers who pile on the clothes as gifts, where some are somewhat cute outfits from baby Gap, and I’m up to my ears in baby clothing. But generally, for my baby, which is only 3wk old, he only wears onesies around the house and a couple other outfits by Oshkosh (because they are very comfortable and fit better than other things where pants and sleeves are way too long) when we go out, that I figure as long as he’s comfortable that’s all that matters. Not to mention he’s always in the baby carrier anyhow. When my husband and I had to shop for a family member overseas, we actually picked up a cute holiday outfit at The Disney Store, of all places.

But you’re right, there are not a lot of things for baby boys aside from the typical “all star sport” type outfits.

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