Newborn Baby Clothes Online

Paul asks…

Where can I find cute affordable (new only not used) baby clothes for newborns online?

Adam answers:,,,,,

Steven asks…

where can i buy affordable baby clothes online?

is there any place online besides walmart, babies r us, target, and all the big places that i can buy infant clothes at an affordable place? (im looking for newborn and 0-3 month sizes)

Adam answers:

Mandy asks…

Cute Baby Clothes Online???..?

Any Ideas Where They Sell Cute Baby Clothes Online..?? For A Newborn BabyGirl,& A 3 Month??..

Adam answers:

Ken asks…

newborn clothes, sizes help?

I’ve bought everything in 0-3months as i thought that was the lowest size, then i realised there was a newborn size too, silly me! Well i bought myself some babygrows and vests in newborn size so i’m sorted with that.

The thing is, i’m buying some baby clothes online just now, and i’ve seen a lovely little hat and mitt set, it’s been reduced to £3.00 if you buy it in the newborn size and it’s £7.50 if bought in 0-3 months, the thing is, since i can’t see it myself i don’t know if it’s going to be too small.

Do you think the newborn size will do my baby for a few months at least?
Thanks girls! I’ve bought one pack of newborn vests and babygrows, the rest is in 0-3, was just wondering for the hat and gloves, i might just get the 0-3 instead of taking any chances. x
The hat and glove set is 4.5lbs – 10lbs, i might just get that, it’s only £3 and if he grows out it within a few weeks then it’s only £3 wasted. x

Adam answers:

I was lucky, my Bella was 6lbs 13oz and she’s only just fitting her newborn outfits properly now at 6 weeks old! Got to make good use of them! She’s my tiny girl. 😛 She weighs about 9lbs 5 now, and some babies are born that size… My girlfriend recently had a 10.5lb boy!
To answer your question though, I reckon you should get the hat & mittens in the smaller size, that way you have a lil hat that fits (rather than one too big) in case he gets a bit too cool.
Anyway, good luck!

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