Newborn Baby Clothes Sale

George asks…

Pricing baby clothes for a consignment sale?

I am selling my sons clothing at a 3 day consignment sale. I am confused as to how to price some items.
Kenneth Cole Sweater 12m
Kenneth Cole Lightweight Jacket 9m
Kenneth Cole Black Long-Sleeve Dress Shirt/Pants 12m
Rocawear Jeans 12m
Echo Sleepers Newborn
Fubu Sweatsuit 3-6m

So what would you pay for these items?

Adam answers:

At the MOST, $5. “Designer” names that have been worn are not worth anything more than regular brands. Plus, people go to sales like this looking for stuff like that for really cheap. You won’t get that much.

Chris asks…

how to clean used baby clothes?

i got some baby clothes from garage sales and people i know. What is the best way to clean them so my newborn can wear them. he is due in February. some of the clothes are very nice and i wish he could wear without worrying they might harm him if i put bleach on them or did not clean them well enough.

Adam answers:

They make special baby detergent that is good for newborns sensitive skin.

Paul asks…

Does anybody really buy baby clothes on eBay?

I have 6-7 boxes full of baby clothes (just newborn to 6 months!) They are either brand new or have only been worn a couple times. My son was given so much when he was born that he couldn’t wear them all by the time he grew out of the size. I tried having a yard sale to sell it all and wasn’t very lucky so I’m hoping to make some money somehow. I plan to give it to Salvation Army or Goodwill if I can’t do anything else and possibly keep some for myself just in case we plan to have another baby in the future but we are moving to a much smaller space and I have to get rid of it. Any suggestions other than giving it away? Would someone really buy it on eBay? If so how should I do it?


Adam answers:

Yes, I buy and sell baby clothes all the time on ebay. New stuff usually sells much better and brand name stuff like Gymboree and Gap will sell better than store brands like Circo (Target) and Faded Glory (Walmart). But selling lots of gently used items will go okay, too, you just may not get a lot for them.

If you have multiples of things. . .say 4 pairs of footed pajamas in size 6 months. . .sell them together as a lot. Don’t try to sell things individually unless they are very specific – like “New Finding Nemo Pajamas” or “Batman costume” kind of thing. If you have 6 boxes of stuff it will take you FOREVER to list things individually + will probably not be that profitable after the fees, shipping, etc.

Anyway, feel free to email me if you have questions or want some help. 🙂

IN ADDITION: If you have stuff with tags still on it, why not return it? Most stores will give you store credit even if you don’t have a receipt. I have done that several times with clothes my little ones have outgrown before they got a chance to wear.

2nd Addition: Julie -LOL! I hadn’t read your answer before I wrote mine, I thought it was funny that we both said that about Gymboree and Gap. . .you can tell we’re both ebayers!!

Mandy asks…

Baby items- to sell or to donate?

My fiancee and I are having a bit of a debate about what to do with baby paraphenalia. We have a bassinet we’ve never used, a electric (plug-in) Fisher-Price swing we rarely use, a travel bassinet and a ton of newborn baby clothes in near-mint condition- no formula stains; some of them don’t even have the tags off yet.

There’s a Once Upon A Child store in our area, and we could probably get a fairly decent amount of money for it. There’s the yard sale option as well. On the other hand, there are several women’s and homeless shelters that could put the stuff to good use.

We aren’t rich by any means, but we have what we need to get by. I feel really guilty about the idea of selling it; most of the items were gifts to begin with. My fiancee says we could put the extra money towards something the baby will really need as he gets older. I’m torn down the middle here- should I sell or donate?
Also- what constitutes the rightful owner of the gift? If it came from Dad’s mom, should Dad decide what to do with that item, or do you think it should be a joint decision?
What I mean is for example: If my fiancee’s mom gave us the swing, should my fiancee get to decide if he sells it or donates, since it came from his part of the family? Or should we both decide, since it ws a gift to us?

Adam answers:

Why don’t you sell half and donate half…. Get a little, give a little, ya know? Believe me, you will still be helping others out when you sell them your used baby stuff, because they aren’t paying STORE prices for them.

Don’t feel guilty. Those things were gifts, but they are yours now. It isn’t like someone giving you a ring and you trading it in for store credit, ya know? If you don’t use it, don’t keep it! It is that simple.

I am actually going thru the same thing. Some of the stuff I am keeping for future babies, but I feel guilty too because I have friends and family members who are having or just had babies that I feel obligated to help out. So, I have given little this and thats to them but keeping the lot of the stuff for my stock, ya know?
Hope some of us here helped you with your decision!

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