Questions About Baby Bags For Boys

George asks…

what king of baby hospital clothes would you bring if you didnt know what you were having?!?!?!?

im about to be like 33 weeks… im getting things ready and stuff. but i was wondering what you would do if you didnt know what you were having what color clothes would you bring… i was thinkin to just pack a baby girl bag and a baby boy bag and whatever i have i just use whichever bag you know… i know i can do the nuetral color thing. but isnt it soooo cute when you have a girl and you get to dress her up for the hospital pix in pink or purple… and same with a boy, wouldnt you want blue or something…. well i was just asking. so of my friends say its stupid to bring to gender sets of clothes and some of my friends think that would be pretty nice to do since its a suprise anyways!!! Thanks for all answers!!!

Donna answers:

Totally take both!! Just because when you have a little girl and you didnt bring purple or pink you’d be like awww i wish i wouldve brought it so i could dress her up you know?
I hope i have a little girl just for that reason then again i want a boy soo bad.
But im only having 1 so i cant have both!
Good luck.
But seriously, take boys and girls clothes.
I think it would be best.

Daniel asks…

For party bags what can I give 11-14 year old boys that’s gonna cost under a £1 for each item?

I’m gonna start selling party bags for babies, children and teenagers, boys and girls and I’ve got it all sorted apart from, I don’t have a clue what to buy in for 11-14 year old boys, please help

Donna answers:

Well try to go to gamestop and ask them for a used game witch they are cheap and if the ll year old or 14 year old have a game system they are lucky if they dint ur not lucky! Or you can give them like little poppers or something!!!!!!!!! Its up to you if you have money or something or if you have a game system and you have soo much games u dont use then give the 11 year old and a 14 year old game! Or you can trade in a game for game stop and u pay like 5 bucks!!! Or the other thing u should gibe them is candy!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this helped u choose!!!! Oh and if they dont have gaming systems just get the 14 year old like a cool glove or something and the 11 year old candy or some cool fabric to hang on a wall or something!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE THIS HEPED U CHOOSE!!!! :)) GOOD LUCK!!! IM GLAD I ANSWERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard asks…

Im 38 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and?

is it ok for him to have a pink diaper bag? there is a coach and juicy couture diaper bag I really love and I would like to get it but would it be weird since I am having a boy? I didnt think so because I would be the one carrying it but what would you think if you saw a baby boy with a pink diaper bag? thanks.

Donna answers:

The stigma for pink for girls and blue for boys is over rated. I think you should carry what you like. I know from experience it will more than likely be worn out in under a year…so he will never know. If people give you an odd look…just tell them it is your purse…and you LOVE large pink bags…;o)


Carol asks…

Can you feed your baby cold breast milk?

Im expecting a baby boy this 15th October. I plan to breastfeed and express milk when im going to have to leave him for work. I heard that express breast milk had to be given to the baby straight away. So how do i feed my baby express breast milk when i take him out since milk dont last that well in room temperature? Is it ok if i store in those heated bags? God. Im clueless.
And is it ok to store it in those thermos bag?

Donna answers:

Expressed breast milk does not have to given right away if it is stored properly… It’s been a few years since i had my daughter, but i know you can freeze it and keep it refrigerated for a certain amount of time, you could probably google it, or perhaps even the bags would have that information on the back of the box. Of course your doctor could tell you.
And if you want to give it cold, you can, but my daughter would never take it that way. We always warmed it by sitting the bag in a cup full of warm, not hot water for a few minutes.

Joseph asks…

How To teach husband he’s a dad not just a baby sitter?

Ok here is the story. I work 3 days a week. 10 to 8 son is 15 months. He goes to pre-school 4 days a week. My husband bi tches about having to watch him and how much trouble he is a times like with teething and stuff like that. Like I know nothing. well we’ve gone through the fights over who does more of the work for the baby. Anyone that knows us knows I do. He can’t even pack the diaper bag. So I wanna teach him a lesson showing him how good he has it. I meand I do everything. I am the one who gets up in the middle of the night and packs the diaper bag. When home I take care of baby boy mostly. He’s had outings with friends and his brother. But me I never do. If I have an outing always with baby boy. I love my son and don’t mind doing all. But I want hubby to have a wake up call check. So any ideas?

Donna answers:

Be careful forcing him. I don’t know him but if he gets too ill, will he take it out on your son?

If he’s like most men, he will do better when his son can “hang” with him. Most men aren’t as good with babies.

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