Questions About Baby Bags For Girls

Charles asks…

What kind of stuff should I fill up the treats bags for guests coming to my baby’s 1st birthday party?

– the guests will be 4 adults (women)
– 1 baby girl (16 months)
– 1 little girl ( 8 years old)


Donna answers:

Baby: Mum Mums, juice, maybe an age appropriate toy
Little Girl: Dress up jewlry, pen, drawing pad (girly of course)
Adults: Bath and Body or Victoria Secret anything…

Jenny asks…

Could you help me name my “baby”?

Hello! My name is Georgie, and I am expecting! Oh, just kidding! I am “expecting” a flour baby! Our school is doing a project and we get to be married and have a baby for 2 weeks! So my “husband” Tanner and I are expecting a baby girl flour bag! We recieve them tomorrow! We drew the genders from a hat.. So, me and Tanner are going to name our daughter one of the following;

— Lark
— Alessandra
— Alfie
— Augustanna
— Winnie

Her mother-in-law drew twins! A girl and a boy 😉 So she is naming them Carly & Cullen. So those will be the cousins! And her best friend will be Shiloh, also a girl.

So which of my names is best?

Love Always,
Georgie.x.Tanner.x.Flour Baby Girl 😉

Donna answers:

Alessandra… Beautiful name.

Helen asks…

Baby Girls FIRST Birthday?

I am looking for ideas for my daughters 1st birthday. There will be 6 children in total, two are 9 years old and the others are from the ages 1 to 3.

I need ideas for the following for the 1-3 age group.
– Food
– Goody Bags
– Theme ( ? I may not even have a theme if I cannot find a suitable one )
– Games

any help or links to websites would really be appreciated, this is my 1st born and her 1st birthday and I would really like it to be special!

Thanks 🙂

Donna answers:

-FOOD: for food i would have something easy to make or put together, you definitely dont want to be stressed about the food. You can have salad with sandwhiches . You could even buy one of those pre made fruit salads they have at the grocery store, and even those platters with premade sandwhiches. At costco they have platters with wraps and the crossaint sandwhiches. And all these are ready to just serve, you dont have to worry about cooking.

-GOODY BAGS: these arent very hard to make actually. Just buy the little goodybags, you could either buy theme ones but those are pretty expensive for such a small amount…but as you said you are having 6 children at the party and you usually get around 10-12 goodybags so for you it wouldnt run too expensive. Or you can buy clear ones at places like walmart or party city. Just buy one bag of candy and put a little in each bag. You can also buy little toys, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, bubbles, etc, that you can get very cheap at walmart and even at party city. Tie them with a ribbon and there you go!

-THEME: is there any character or show that attracts your daughter’s attention?
Here are some possible themes:

-Minnie Mouse
-Disney Princesses
-Sesame Street
-any of the 1st birthday themes with the big 1 on everything and just get pink, white, purple balloons, or any color that matches.

-kids of all ages love BUBBLES, you can get a bubble machine at target for around $10, or get them individual bubbles for everyone.
-Have a pinata! Kids really love this, its a fun activity. Put candy in it andhave the kids take turns hitting it til it breaks. Let you daughter have the first turn, you can hold her and help her. We had the adults have turns because none of the kids were breaking it…but the adults had to be blindfolded, everyone had fun doing this.
-you can always have musical chairs.
-print out coloring pictures from the internet that matches your theme, or get $1 coloring books and have the children that want to color color them.

Here is a link to 1st birthday ideas:

Carol asks…

What should i write in a card for a baby shower gift for someone I dont know well?

Its a small card, but i want to say more than Julie- congrats. -LadyLuck

Whats something nice/cute/informal I can say? Im getting her the diaper bag she registered for. Its for a baby girl. Any thoughts?

Donna answers:

Congratulations and good luck to you and your baby girl..

William asks…

Would a diaper bag be an appropriate new baby gift?

I am the god mother of a baby girl due this summer and am stumped what to get my best friend as a gift. She lives in an area the shopping is not that great so I was wondering if a coach diaper bag would be a good gift? I live in a place with an outlet that I can probably find one for under $150. Or should the gift be more directed at the baby… like onesies, clothes, etc. Thanks!

Donna answers:

Frankly I think a $150 diaper bag is a huge waste of money. They’ll use it for maybe a year and that’s it, $150 down the drain and nothing to remember you by. This is the perfect opportunity to gift from the heart, not from the wallet. Why don’t you give something special, something personal, that’ll last a lifetime? How about a silver spoon with a personal wish engraved? A nicely framed painting or etching with a message on the back? The relationship between a godparent and a child is forever; let your gift reflect that.

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