Questions About Baby Clothes Stores Chicago

Chris asks…

what stores or malls in chicago sell clothes like baby phat, rocawear, and applebottoms?

Adam answers:

Look up malls in the chicago land area and each mall will give you a list of the retailers they have. I’m pretty sure you could find something.

Richard asks…

Where can i find name brand clothes such as baby phat for cheap in Chicago?

i wan’t some new outfits and don’t have lots to spend ( about $100) and i don’t want to buy of the internet .What are some stores i can go to?

Adam answers:

TJ Maxx
Value City

Susan asks…

city sports clothing store in chicago, illinois?

akdmks, baby phat.ecko.and so on

Adam answers:

U could go to demo at the Chicago Ridge mall, or to Marshall Fields, but I’m pretty sure you can get the clothes you want by going to any foot locker

Michael asks…

Where is a good place to buy my daughter clothes???

My daughter likes places like Aeropostal, Abercrombie & Fitch, Baby Phat, and other things, but I dont want to spend a million dollars, so where can I find those brands, and other stores (or websites) to get those clothes for less, in Chicago??

Thank You! <3
Oh yeah, she is 11, but she can fit a slim zero in juniors.
Oh yeah, she is 11, but she can fit a slim zero in juniors.

Adam answers:

Tell her that it is not the clothes that makes the person. Then give her $100.00 and let her pick out whatever she wants. She will realize that $100.00 will not go far in theses stores. She might think twice about having to have the name brand on her shirts of jeans.

Sharon asks…

Baby Clothing/Carrier/Feed from Walmart-Advise?

Hello everyone,
Could you please guide me if Walmart in Chicago was good to buy baby products.Or would you like to suggest some other store nearby.I am not from states.
Thanks a lot.

Adam answers:

Go to Target.

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