Questions About Baby Clothes Stores Nyc

Jenny asks…

What stores in NYC sell “punk” baby clothes and have a website?

Adam answers:

these are cute…

David asks…

Are there any stores in NYC (5 Boroughs) that sell funny baby clothes?

(ex. My Dad Plays Xbox, If you bother me I’ll cry and bother you) You know the novelty ones. Looking for something funny to buy for a friend’s baby shower

Adam answers:



James asks…

what are the names of good quality stores in NYC for baby shower?

need to get some for my close co-worker who is expecting twins
want to get good not too expensive baby clothes. Will $100 be enough?

Adam answers:

Macy’s has good baby clothes and they are actually very cheap for what you get

George asks…

Does anyone know of any cool attachment parenting stores in NYC or Newark, NJ?

I am headed in the direction (from the South) next week, and I wanted to check out a few great parenting stores. I am looking for stores that carry slings, wraps, cloth diapers, and the like. I would also be interested in stores with some rockin’ baby stuff too (like clothes, witty shirts, shoes). Thanks for the help!

Adam answers:

Artfit Children’s Boutique – 21 W 58th street. Between 5th and 6th ave.

The Children’s general store – Grand Central Terminal – Lexington Passage

Hippototamus – 451 Amsterdam Avenue bet. 81st and 82nd street

Bambini – 1088 Madison Ave. Bet. 81st and 82nd st.

Blue Tree – 1283 Madison Ave. Bet. 91st and 92nd street

Lesters – 1534 2nd avenue @ 80th street

Helen asks…

what is the best thrift store and consignment store in NYC?

i am pretty much looking for baby clothes at good prices and that are good brand names…!!! thx

Adam answers:

Try the baby store in F.A.O. Schwartz

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