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Richard asks…

Is there anywhere in Chicago, IL where I can rent baby furniture from?

I will be visiting some family at the end of may, for 9 days. I will be traveling to Chicago, IL and I need to rent baby furniture like a crib, stroller, high chair etc.
I will be staying at family’s house, not hotel.

Donna answers:

RAC, or Rent a Center. Yellow page it for a store near you.

Ken asks…

when should we start buying baby things Crib, stroller the whole nine ?

this is our first baby im 22 and my fiance is 29 I am so embarassed to say we know absolutley nothing about babies …. we were trying to figure when we should start buying things for the baby and also what type of newborn clothing to buy for her we live near Chicago so the weather is summer like in August thru early oct is it okay to dress a N/b in shorts … and tank tops … or should they be in full body sleepers….
we are 18 weeks

Donna answers:

We started from day one of the pregnancy for many reasons. We didn’t have a lot of people to help us when my partner was incapacitated during the last few months so we started when she could still lift things, put them together, etc. We also didn’t have a lot of money and wanted to buy things when they were on sale, when good things came to the local consignment shop, etc. It turned out that over the whole 9 month period, because people knew we were looking for stuff, they gave us SO MUCH STUFF free! We had the baby shower at 6 mos along so we knew what we still needed to buy afterward. The nursery was all put together at probably 4 mos. Along! (we wanted it gender neutral anyway!) Bottom line, don’t listen to ppl who tell you you have to wait. Start preparing whenever you want!

Lizzie asks…

when can I use a blanket?

My boy is 6 months old. He was born in May, so I never really worried about keeping him warm at night. I just dressed him in long sleeved sleepers if it was cool. Well, we’re coming into a very cold start of winter here in Chicago, and I was wondering when it was safe to use blankets in the crib. (I avoided blankets because of the risk of SIDS. He does have one of those Halo Wearable blankets, but it just doesn’t seem warm to me. When did you start using blankets in your babies cribs? Thank you!

Donna answers:

Yes he is old enough for you to get a thin blanket and tuck it into the sides of the crib and don’t pull it up no further than his chest. Still dress him in his sleepers and with the thin blanket he should stay warm.

Susan asks…

serious dog lovers… what do you think of this site? another pet store/byb-er?

This is a chain of “petstores” around the Chicago area. Does it sound like a reliable place, or just another one of those petstores full of backyard breeding puppies… A good breeder wouldn’t just ship off a few of their “select” puppies to be sold in “stores”…

I have been to one of these furry baby stores… The puppies are all in baby cribs… 2-3 per crib. they do look healthy, they have food/water, and in the website they say that they all get vet checked, microchipped, and numerous other things… but it still seems to me that they are just a petstore trying to make themselves look good in order to make a ton more money off of their puppies.
Glad I am not the only one who is not fooled by this store!! Real breeders do not do “hybrid dogs!”
“Furry Babies, Inc. offers financing up to $1,200 on our puppy package. Leave home with your furry friend today!”

it is crazy that they are selling these “purebred/hybrid dogs for that much money! They sure do know how to cover up the truth!

Donna answers:

Its a Puppy mill BYB alert the red flags that pop up in my eyes state that its not legit

No one is turned down for a puppy reputable breeders home there pups in homes they think are suitable not the other way round!

Yorkie-Chon says it all

Michael asks…

how much do you layer up newborn in winter?

I am 34 weeks pregnant. My baby will be born in Nov. I am in Chicago…so it will be pretty cold n chilly at that time… the question I have and need your help is about layering my newborn…

At night time..when I put him to his crib…how many layers do I need to add to my baby? I know I shouldn’t be adding blankets or anything else…so is swaddling with receiving blanket safe? or do I need to buy one of those sleeper sack? (I am planning to set the room temp at 72 degrees..)

Thanks for your answers….appreciate it…

Donna answers:

Typically its however many layers you are wearing. If you have pjs and 2 blankets, your baby will be most comfortable in 3 layers also. Just watch for his signals to see if he’s comfortable (you’ll know if he’s not). Swaddling vs sleeper sacks really depends on the baby. Both are safe, but some kids prefer movement and space, others sleep better if they are swaddled up. Just do which ever you are most comfortable with, or you can try both and see what works best for you!

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