Questions About Baby Depot Bedding

Donald asks…

bedding for baby room.?

okay i’m painting the nursery tinker bell green i couldn’t find a clip of it online but i got it from home depot. i was wondering if you guys could help me find a bedding that will go with this color. boy or girl not sure of the sex yet.

Donna answers:

I had sweet dreams by jessica breedlove for my son and it was soooo cute, it has teddy bear mommy and baby and is somewhat greenish blue and khaki so its not particularly a boy or girl theme. Anyway good luck!

Mark asks…

Does anyone know were I can loacate this bedding?

I’ve decided to do my babys nursery in Rainforest and can’t locate the beddding. I’ve checked walmart, target, baby depot….ne suggestions thank u

Donna answers:

Fabric store, bedding is easy to make, if you cannot make it yourself, buy the fabric and ask a friend or relative to help or do it for you, you get a lot more for your money doing it this way, rain forest sounds like a great idea i love it, you can do so much with that

Ken asks…

i’m looking for crib bedding $100 or under, where do i go?!?

im specifically looking for damask crib bedding and i have looked everywhere it needs to be 100 dollors or under i have alreay checkd sears, khols,,baby depot, babies r us, ebay, amazon, jc pennys help!

Donna answers:

I have damask bedding (black and white with pink trim) that I got as a gift from Babies R Us. I believe it was $120 at the time. But if you MUST stay under the $100 limit you could always try It’s truly an AMAZING website where people sell all sorts of homemade items. It’s sort of like an eBay or Craig’s List for homemade goods!

Joseph asks…

Where can I find a Spongebob toddler bed?

I have tried Ebay, Amazon, Baby Depot, Babies R Us, and Overstock. Do happen to know where I can find one?

Donna answers:

Walmart and Target both did have them. My son loves spongebob. Have you tryed looking on sometimes you can find them on there cheaper.

Nancy asks…

Advice for re-furbishing a baby bed/crib….?

I need advice on where to begin…sand it? paint it? stain it? I dont have a clue, first time at this sort of thing…any advice? Please dont tell me to go to Lowes or Home Depot or anything like that…real advice please…maybe from people who have done this sort of thing before

Donna answers:

First of all, if you are going to put a baby in this ‘old’ crib, make sure it meets current safety standards. Some of the older cribs and most wood play pens do not. Reference this website for current specifications:

You should also check the manufacturers website to make sure there hasn’t been a recall on this particular crib. Assemble the crib and give it a good shake checking for any loose connections that would cause it to collapse or be otherwise unsafe. Also, you’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary hardware before you invest a lot of time and energy in re-finishing only to find you can’t put it together or that it’s unsafe!

Assuming your crib has passed the above tests then you can get started on your project! I usually clean the piece of furniture with a standard household cleaner, depending on how dirty it is I’ll use 409 or simply a mild diswashing soap and a bucket of water. Just wipe it down to remove any loose dirt and grime, no need to soak it unless it’s really filthy.
Remove the plastic protector (teething rail) on the crib sides. Clean/sanitize it and set aside. If the piece is clear then you will have to paint the rail underneath it. If it is yellowed, cracked or missing then you can get a new piece by contacting the manufacturer of the crib or online at:

Once it is dry then use fine to medium sand paper and lightly sand all surfaces that you will paint. Wipe it down with a clean dry cloth or tack cloth to remove sanding dust. You can also use a liquid sanding solution (available at hardware stores) to get at the nooks and crannies. I have found it to be a very effective product.
You can use cans of spray paint or have a custom color mixed in latex or oil based paint. If you spray, then be patient and use several light coats to avoid drips, follow label directions.
I always use latex paint and a good quality paint brush. Oil based paint will give you a harder finish when dry but I like latex because of easy clean-up and low odor. Apply as many coats as needed, again thin coats are better than one heavy coat.
If you are painting a dark painted or stained wood a light color, I recommend using at least one coat of primer/sealer (Kilz works for me). This will save time and energy when putting on the top coats of custom color. Sometimes I will have the sealer/primer tinted to match the top coat to make it even easier, but it’s not always necessary-depends on the color of the item and color of new paint.
Once you have base coated the crib you can use any method you like to dress it up a little more. Use some of the “Wallies” wallpaper designs to create interest, use a decoupage kit to and motifs cut from storybooks or magazines to coordinate with the nursery theme. Stamps, stickers, painted stripes, polka dots, or a design pulled from the nursery fabric will jazz it up.
You can do a search online for “children’s painted furniture” to get some inspiration.
Once you have finished your masterpiece, then let it ‘cure’ (dry) for several days before moving it. The longer it sits undisturbed the least likely you are to mar the surface after all your hard work. It may be overkill, but I usually let a piece sit for 7 to 10 days if the humidity is low and temp is an average of 70-80 degrees. If the humidity is really high or the temp is a little chilly in the studio I let it sit as long as three weeks. May not be necessary, but we have never marred a piece when moving it.
Have fun and let your imagination run wild! There are a million things you can do to brighten it up. One hint; choose the fabric (or ready-made curtains/bedding) to be used in the nursery first. Paint comes in any color you can imagine, it’s much more difficult to find fabric to match a piece you’ve already painted.

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