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Thomas asks…

Is there any good quality baby furniture anymore?

We recently returned a crib that was recalled. We decided to go higher quality and spend 400 on a crib and 600 on a matching armoire. Simmons, from Baby Depot, supposed to be top of the line good quality. We brought them both home today and removed the box from the armoire first. We weren’t very happy. The side panel wasn’t even fitted correctly, nor completely stained as well as with a big gash in it. Then as the father in-law inspected further the top board wasn’t even on right. The whole thing just looked BAD. So we called the store and they are ordering another one for us which will take 12 to 16 WEEKS. We decided ok. That’s fine. We had to go out and came back home and opened the crib and started to assemble it and low and behind we find problems. The holes are not drilled properly to assemble it. It’s not like we can drill into the wood to fix the simple problem. The holes have metal rivets in them. Well that would be another 12 to 16 weeks and frankly we’re just not very happy after coughing up a big chunk of money. We’re going to go back and just get our money back. Are there any good quality furniture‘s any of you could suggest we look in to?

Donna answers:

I feel you. I had nothing but problems with all of my daughters baby stuff. It was all junk and i paid good money for it. So honestly i can’t help answer your question just some advice never buy baby trend from babies r us they are complete junk and so are graco cribs.

Jenny asks…

Any creative suggestions on baby proofing furniture with sharp corners?

I’ve spent a couple hours poking around Home Depot to no avail.

Donna answers:

You could try rearranging your furniture a bit so as few sharp corners as possible will be in your babies pathways. I found that throwing a thick blanket over the coffee table and tucking the sides under the table to hold it in place worked the best of anything. You can put placemats on top to set your coffee cup on or whatever. You have to watch your cup anyway with a baby around. (and the placemats! Lol!) You can always fold them up after the baby goes to bed to reclaim your living room for your own needs, and they are easily returned in the morning before you put him/her down on the floor again.

Michael asks…

Crib/changing table purchase?

I am only 20 weeks along but my husband and I will be purchasing nursery furniture in the next two weeks. My mom is going to buy our crib and then we will buy a changing table to go along. We have looked at Babies R’ Us and the Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory. What are some good brands to check out? We do plan on using them again in the future.

Donna answers:

I wouldn’t buy an actual changing table since you can’t really use them for that long. I bought a convertible crib and a matching dresser that I can put a changing pad on. That way it is real furniture that is useful forever. I chose Baby’s Dream because they make really good quality furniture (no MDF, particle board, veneer, etc), but there are a lot of good sets out there. Best of luck!

Maria asks…

I know it’s the wrong section, but need help finding boy bedding?

Hi! I’m shopping for boy bedding.. I’ve checked Target, Baby Depot, Babies R Us, JcPenney and I’m just not “in love” with anything! I’m looking for something modern and simple… no big jungle theme or train theme. Just something boyish yet elegant at the same time, if that’s possible lol. The carpet in the nursery is tan, and I was wanting to paint the walls sage green, and buy dark wood furniture.

If you have a little guy, where did you buy his bedding? Any other ideas for me? Online stores are fine! Thanks in advance!

ps- My Husband really liked this, but my Mom suggested that it was too “dreary” for a nursery. I think it looks nice though lol.|1287991011&searchPage=1&fromGsearch=true&sr=1-3&qid=1279764917&rh=&searchBinNameList=subjectbin%2Cprice%2Ctarget_com_primary_color-bin%2Ctarget_com_size-bin%2Ctarget_com_brand-bin&searchRank=target104545&frombrowse=0

My Mom picked out this.. but I’m not yet convinced that it’s “the one”.

Donna answers:

Try!!! They have some beautiful crib sets, although they can be a bit pricey. I really like this one:[]=tags&includes[]=title

Too bad I’m not pregnant again yet. :/ Good luck with the search!!

Robert asks…

A quick inventory of your room? 10 points!?

I’m not doing this to be a stalker! I just want to see what people have in their room. And please don’t include furniture on the floor part.

Nothing under your bed, in a drawer, or in your closet either.

And please list by what it is on. Like categorize it under dresser, bookshelf etc.

Ready! Go!


tv, hard rock hat, hotel bell dingy, mardi gras mask, superhero mask, balloon hat, piggy bank, piece of coral, 3D glasses, birdhouse made out of a gourd, rubberband powered car, blue head band, seashell necklace, bead necklace, Home Depot apron, Human Resources bear, alarm clock, paint cup, surf school CD, ipod, sunglasses, a toy duck wearing a hair net, a picture of my grandma, a picture of my cousin, my tv remote, my school planner, a red and blue marker, yesterdays clothes, my cellphone, a disassembled locker shelf


lamp, Tom Sawyer book, my glasses, flashlight, calculator, turtle beanie baby, cell phone charger,


LIghtning Thief books, beanie baby parakeets, picture of me, picture of my dad, a vase, a teddy bear, a hula doll, chapstick, picture of my friends, a box, a little alien key chain, magazine,


cow pillow, hula skirt, hannah montana wig, beanie baby iguana, karaoke, craft bookk, phone book, backpack, purple fliipflops,

Donna answers:

Dresser: a lamp, a fan, some books, some CDs, my camera, my jewelry box, perfume and spritz, random art work, my cell phone, sunglasses, stress ball (I don’t have a problem… I just like it. :), my ipod, and other smaller/random objects. I am a lip gloss maniac! I love the stuff… I have that everyehere. (:

Nightstand: Second lamp, my alarm clock. And just some cups and thing I’m drinking out of…and some socks…

Bookshelf: BOOKS, about 50 beanie babies and some other random stuffed animals I’ve accumulated from people over the years, and some scarfs and hats. It’s really overflowing now…

Floor: Backpack, some notebooks I was sorting through earlier. Tennis shoes and some flip flops. I don’t really like a cluttered floor though.

Well, yeah, those are a few things. This was kinda fun. 🙂

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