Questions About Baby Depot

Sandy asks…

Is there any other stores besides babies r us & baby depot that I can buy baby furniture, toys ect at?

All the stores I wanna shop at are 2 hours away and dont hav the time to drive far away. There has to be other stores. I kno theres Walmart but where else?

Donna answers:

Try Arsa Toys online! They have really great deals and ship stuff out quickly.


Sandra asks…

Which is the best registry, Babies r us, baby depot, or target baby?

I know this is a stupid question but i can not make up my mind which olace to go. Has anyone had good or bad experiences with any of these three places?

Donna answers:

If your looking for a BIG registry and want only one, I would suggest Babies R Us. If your looking for a medium to small registry, like just the necessities, I would pick Target. They have all the basics there and It’s easier for people to go in and find things, where as Babies R Us and Baby Depot is a whole warehouse of baby goods. (I like Target better anyway ^.^)

Michael asks…

Where can I get a printable coupon for burlington coat factory/Baby Depot?

Donna answers:

For printable coupon for Baby Depot, you can try this link:

Daniel asks…

Where can I find coupons for Baby Depot?

Donna answers:

Check coupon section

Ken asks…

Baby Depot Registry Discount?

Does Baby Depot (Burlington Coan Factory) have a registry completion discount?

Donna answers:

I registered there and never heard of a discount, nor did I receive one. My son is now 3 months old.

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