Questions About Baby Girl Dresses 6-9 Months

David asks…

Where can I buy a chinese dress for a 6-9 month year old baby girl?

In UK, it’s so hard to find them here.

Adam answers:

Do you want to order online?
I think it will suit your prettty baby.
Visit my source link.

Carol asks…

Only 9 weeks to go (hopefully no longer) and we have done NO shopping for new baby!?

We haven’t really needed to because we are expecting a girl and we already have a 2 year old whose baby things we still have such as walker, swing, infant seats, boppy, lounger…I hung on to everything because I knew I wanted another child not long after my daughter. So far the only thing we have purchased is a diaper bag big enough for my 2 girls…I went through my daughters old clothes and they are all in really good condition, just most of everything is 6-9 months. I remember all I really dressed my daughter in in the begining was onsies and sleep and plays because it was winter at the time and premie clothes were even too big for her although she was an 8 pounder. My question is (sorry to go on and on), since we need so little should I just wait for the baby shower? All that is on my registry are bottles, diaper pail, blankets, birp cloths, and clothes. Also when should I have the baby shower?! I am due towards the end of January which is awkward in my family because we (cont)
have Thanksgiving, then my step sons birthday, 3 days later my daughters birthday, then my moms bf b-day, then sister inlaws, then father inlaws, then Christmas…I know it will have to be in January but when really? I’m afraid I will end up having the baby early and not be able to have the shower. I was induced at 37 weeks with my first because I was just ready to go.
Um…1 baby shower in a lifetime seems rather odd to me. Everyone I’ve ever known has had a shower for each child regardless of time in between! 10 months…a year…2 years…5 years…etc. You have showers to not only celebrate a new birth but to help out with the expense!!! Granted I do not need much at all…my mom and mom in law will still throw me one regardless!!

Adam answers:

If you need to have it in January, you should probably have it the 1st weekend in January.
If you are worried about the baby coming early you could always get the things you will need until the shower (just in case) or maybe you could throw a Christmas Eve party/ baby shower (Combined).
Some people wait and have their baby shower after the baby is born, and everyone gets a chance to meet the baby.

Helen asks…

Picture ideas for baby girl ?

The time has come for my little girls 6 month pictures (I’m doing every 3 months from birth-age 1.) I need ideas on what she should wear, different props & what not. I’ve considered tutu’s, crochet headbands, & frilly bloomers, in addition to her dresses… What I’m worried about is using up all my good ideas for her 6mo pics & not having anything to do for her 9mo & 1yr. I want each set of pictures to reflect & show what milestone she has reached – this time is sitting up! 🙂 If anyone can give me examples (pics would be great, too!) of what you did, or plan on doing with your little girl, I’d highly appreciate it! Newborn & 3 month are out of the way, I just need ideas for 6, 9, & 12 months.
Thanks in advance!! 🙂

Adam answers:

If I can offer a piece of advice… Dress her in something cute and comfortable and use a small hair accessory (like a small clip or a skinny heaband with a small flower). By 6 months, babies are so fun and expressive that it’s nice to let their faces “steal the show” and some of those big, thick crocheted headbands can be kind of distracting in photos (I think it works better for newborns who are usually sleeping).

For my daughter’s 6 month photos, we dressed her in pale orange linen pants, a white eyelet tank top and barefeet, then put a skinny headband on her for some of the photos. They turned out cute!

Donald asks…

Is my 4 month old girl too large or small?

At birth she was 7lb7oz, 19in.

At 2mos she was 12lb2oz, 24in.
Her head circumference was 40cm.

Currently, at 4mos, (we have a pedi. appt tomorrow) she is in 6-9 month sized clothes, and a few 12 month things (mainly pants and dresses). I am a an average woman 5’4″ and 120lbs and her father is 5’11” and 220lbs..

She has not started solids yet, and is on Similac Advance formula. She drinks 6oz (sometimes 5oz) about 5 times a day.

I’m worried that she is too big, as I know friends with babies the same age that are 13lbs at 4mos! I also know a woman with a 20 pounder at 4 mos!

Help, someone?
Thank you
She was also almost two weeks past her due date, if that helps any.
My partner is acutally losing weight; he has lost over 20lbs in two months.

Adam answers:

Babies come in all different sizes. 🙂
I’m always worried that my son is too small (and he is on the lower end, percentile-wise). He’s 14 pounds at 5 months, and we have a friend with a 20+ pound 6 month old… It’s hard not to compare! I also have a bunch of babies in the neighborhood that are in the 20 pound range at 5 months, and then some that are 14 pounds (like my son) at 2 months…

I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to worry about it too much. If you think she’s too big– just remember, once she gets mobile, it’ll all even out.

Good luck! 🙂

Daniel asks…

Where can i buy cute baby bows and clothes at?

My friend has 3 girls ages: 9 months, 6 years, and 7 years.
I keep them alot and i like to dress them cute when they are with me..and im also expecting a girl so i was wondering if there are any moms on here who like the same and where do you buy your bows and clothes at.
The youngest girl wears 6-9 months clothes and the two older girls wear 4-8 in girl clothes
And i like BIG PRETTY bows.
i was just hoping someone could give me some websites that have bows and stuff for little girls..

And i like flowers and stuff like that…..and Zebra print
I have not been able to find any Zebra print clothes for the girls….
@ Un World Life: THANK YOU! I love them so much!! I love love love the headband!!
@ NewMomma:thank you so much i like better than
they are prefect!!!

Adam answers:

It all depends on their hair. I bought loads of bows before my daughter was born and, wouldn’t you know, she still has super fine hair and almost everything falls out. When she was a baby up until about one and a half she couldn’t keep anything in her hair at all, she didn’t have much anyway, even now at 2.5 she can only keep them in if I elastic band the hair first.

Walmart actually has the best elastics IMO. It’s like $2.99 for 100+ teeny tiny elastics and they come in a great little case and last forever. Sometimes you can find good basics or random bows there too, the kind covered in ribbon or the plastic clip kind. I also like them for those metal clips, you can buy loads, cuz they lose a lot of them, and the metal parts have a good no-slippy type grip.

I like Gymboree’s corkers, those are the one’s that have a bunch of curly cues on a barrette.

As for original or special occasion bows, try Love that site and tons of people make baby bows, clips, headbands in all shapes and sizes. You can find anything there, and if not, I bet if you find someone whose work you like, you could contact them and see if they would make something specific (zebra fabric etc.)

ETA: Forgot about the clothes part… Zebra fabric was kind of big last year and the year before — I haven’t seen much out there this year. I was in Crazy 8 recently and saw a few things that had zebra stuff on them, but I think they were all clearance things so finding matching things might be difficult. You could always check Ebay as Gymboree had a huge zebra line in the past.

The major mainstream clothing retailers (not boutiques like Hanna Anderson or Oillily) that will carry lines for infants through older girls, other than regular dept. Stores like Target, are Gap, Janie & Jack, Gymboree, Crazy 8, The Children’s Place, Pumpkin Patch and Old Navy.

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