Questions About Baby Girl Dresses

Daniel asks…

where can I find patterns for baby girl dresses for free?

What I mean is dose anyone know where I can get free patterns for baby stuff online?

Adam answers:

Google it. I love the pillowcase dresses.

There are hundreds more sites just google it.

John asks…

What are the little under-ware things that come with baby girl dresses called?

Are they called “bloomers”? or just “diaper covers”? or something else?
Thanks all! Sorry for the thumbs down, it’s not me!! Thumbs up for everyone:)

Adam answers:

Both of those terms are right 🙂

Linda asks…

Cute baby girl dresses ideas?

Adam answers:

Try looking on pintrest or google children boutiques and look at their dresses. Boutiques usually stay up to date on trends. I hope I helped!

Michael asks…

Baby girl dresses for Friend’s Daughter?

Adam answers:

Cat moss

Online shopping :

Mark asks…

baby girl frilly dresses?

I want to find some dresses for my little girl that have a poofy bottom and have lace on them. I want some that look like lolita dresses but for little girls. Does anyone know where I can fing them? I have looked almost everywhere but I only find them for adultd. Any help would be great. thank you.

Adam answers:

I do not know if you are into sewing but hear are some sewing patterns you might like i do not know how old she is
and there is many more hear

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