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Thomas asks…

Ideas for baby photos? 10 points asap?

I’m taking an art class and we are given an assignment to draw whatever we want as long as it’s not copyrighted. I have a week to come up with anything I want to draw and I want to draw my 2 month old.

I went to walmart and bought fake flowers and to put in the background. I wanted it to be a cute photo of her but nothing to elaborate since I’m not the best drawer in the world. So I need ideas on how the photo should look. I thought of maybe having her sleeping with a teddy bear in her arms with flowers around her but I wanted other ideas in case I end up not liking it.

thank you!

Adam answers:

I like to play around taking photos of my son myself and when I want ideas I just to a search on google images. Then you see photos of other babies and how they were posed and you could use that pose if you wanted to. 🙂
Something like this would be cute =),r:5,s:0

Steven asks…

Cute ideas for baby’s first birthday photos?

I am going to be getting my daughter’s first bithday photos taken soon and I was looking for some cute ideas. I think we are just going to take her to someplace cheap like Target to get them done. I know they have all kinds of props and stuff but I think some of those can be tacky. Any good ideas so that we can make them look like expensive pictures?

Adam answers:

I have seen 1st birthday pics with a cake. It is a cute 1st birthday cake and usually the baby just has like a diaper on and then they take pics while the baby digs in! It sounds nasty, but it is actually really cute. If you were going to do that just call the place where you will be getting pics made and ask if its okay to bring a cake.

Also try googling 1st birthday pics and see if you can come up with anything! Hope this helps!

James asks…

i need some cute baby photo ideas?I have g/b twins so ideas can be for multiples or singles.Thanks?

Adam answers:

Look up Anne Geddes photos…


I have always loved her ideas! And most of them shouldn’t be too hard to do at home with the right lighting and props. Have fun!

William asks…

What are some fun photography ideas for a baby shower?

I am going to be shooting at a baby shower this weekend.
Any ideas would be a great help. I want to make sure i don’t miss out on anything.
If there are any mothers who could tell me what photos they love to look back on if they have any baby shower photos.

Adam answers:

Expressions! If a mother gets a daughter a gift that causes emotion make sure you get a pic of both of them. Of course tummy shots are the best!! Little things like grandma laughing or a goodl friends together …sisters together.

Daniel asks…

Anybody have any baby photo ideas?

the kids are 8 month old

Adam answers:

8 months old is really a great time to have your kids pictures done. You don’t have to necessarily prop them up, they normally aren’t crawling all over the place, and have a lot more patience then you would an older baby. You say ‘kids’ so I am assuming you have twins! Awesome congrats!

I used to be a photographer for a few different photo studios. Really the suggestions above are great to look at peoples photo albums and get ideas from that.

It all depends on what you personally like. I myself love props. I think you can have the same pose but change the props and background and you have a great variety. That and close ups.

A few ideas would be to have a sports team that your husband or you like and say like foot ball you can dress them up and put a mini football or blanket or all the fun sports fixings around them. Usually a fun thing to hand out for grandparents that are big into a certain team.

Close ups are always fun to put a collage together like you take pictures of there feet then hands and ears and what not to put them together to remember how little they were and down the years how big they have grown.

Even just changing the color of the photo to black and white or sepia. I know a lot of people liked the vintage look where you make it sepia and give it an old look. Say put some old style zuit suit hats on them with a tie (always adorable) and have them only wearing that with a diaper. Or try them in a suitcase (obviously open).

If you have a weight some people have them lay on it to show how much they weighed at that age. Some cute shots are nice when they aren’t even looking at the camera but looking at something else that makes them have a sweet look.

Sometimes the messiest of situations are really cute to catch. Bake them some cookies and have fun taking pictures of them digging in.

Put them back to back so they are leaning on each other and looking at you. Have them sitting on a bench or something where there feet can dangle down. Or have them in a bed full of there stuffed animals where they blend right in.

Sometimes when you don’t plan on taking a picture and catching them playing or doing something unexpected is always fun to catch a quick shot of it.

Maybe have them in there bed and if you have those letter blocks spell out there names infront of them. Or if you have a baby blanket for them wrap them in it in a basket and take a picture of them, those usually turn out cute and the basket helps support them.

Really I could go on forever, but sometimes the best way to get ideas is to see them yourself. Try that is one of the companies I worked at and they have very creative unique pictures.

Remember the pictures wont always turn out perfect, just make sure to have fun while taking them.

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