Questions About Baby Photoshop Brushes

Joseph asks…

Where can i find baby shower brushes for photoshop?

please! im trying to make an invite for a friend and i can not find them anywhere does anyone know some good websites?

Adam answers:

Have you tried You can also make your own brushes.

Betty asks…

Where can i get free baby foot brushes to use in photoshop?

Adam answers:

Adobe Exchange has many free user suppllied brushes,styles, etc.
Here’s one with baby footprints:

Mary asks…

Does anyone have a photoshop brush of a pregnant woman?

A shadow would be awesome! I am working on some baby shower invites for a friend.

Adam answers:

Here is one
(top left)

Ken asks…

Photoshop cs2 & myspace layouts?

OK I love using Photoshop! Its like my baby.. okay I’ve made my own Cool pixs for my myspace page. I used it to make picture comments for myspace logos+banners. Its great to use.. I love it.. I’m a pro at adding Brushes not really fonts yet lol.. But anyway.. How do i use my lil baby to make a awesome Mysace layout??? Like a Step by step website would help.. Youtube videos bore me.(Cause you have to hear them talking about sumthing else and smacking when there eating its just annoying.) Please i’d perfer reading it.

Adam answers:

On this page you’ll get
the requested information.


Donna asks…

Photoshop Elements 5 Editing question?

I have a lovely photo of a friend of mine holding her baby, but her white bra strap is showing – a good amount of it, next to a red shirt. I’ve tried the healing brush, cloning the skin next to it and erasing the strap and cloning – but it’s such a big area, it comes out obviously altered. Any suggestions on fixing such a big flaw in a pic? Thanks!

Adam answers:

There really is no easy way to do what you want to do. I’d suggest that you first make a copy of the whole file by saving it under a new name, such a “Friend_copy” and work in the copy without messing with your original image. You may want to retrieve it and start over.

First of all, work with the image as large as you can. Hit [CTRL]+[ALT]+[0] to view it full-sized. Scroll around to get to the part you want to fix. You may even be able to work better at 150% or 200% magnification. You’d be surprised.

Use the clone tool set at 100% opacity and just paint right over the strap. Don’t worry that it is not perfect at this point.

To make it less obvious, go back and set your clone tool at something like 60% opacity and do it again, overlapping the area where the strap-to-skin interface is obvious.

If it needs more work, use the spot healing brush, which is the one that also has a dotted outline near the end of the BandAid. Select “proximity match.” Set the tool to a very small size, like 5-6 pixels. Move it ACROSS the area (perpendicular) that you want to blend in repeatedly until you have gone up the entire length of the blemish where the strap used to be. Keep playing with it until is is all blended in.

You might want to go up and down a few more times using the cloning tool at about 5% opacity.

It takes time and patience.

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