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Sandy asks…

Which babies shop in Australia I can buy a car seat for my daugher?

I have only three days in Canbera for my business trip, and I really want to pop over to a baby shop to buy a car seat for my daughther (not online). Any suggestions about that baby shop? Big thanks.

Adam answers:

See below

Carol asks…

Reborn Babies!, Where can I find Odorless Thinners in a online store in Australia?

I am about to make a reborn baby for my first time.
However I am unable to find odorless thinners .
I can find it in international stores however they wont ship internationally.
Does anyone know a online shop where i can buy odorless thinners for reborn making???
Thanks and Regards

Adam answers:

There has to be art stores in Australia. I buy odorless thinner for my oil painting at an art supply store and I’m sure it would do for your doll making. It would cost you an arm and a leg to have it shipped to Australia from other countries. Ask local oil painters where they get theirs

Richard asks…

Where can I find a simulated baby in Australia, preferably perth?

My 13 yr old daughter really wants a simulated doll for christmas. I have looked online for some and I can only find them from overseas. I was just wondering if anybody knew where I could order a simulated baby doll that teaches children about looking after babies. I would like to have it for her by christmas day so if there is a shop or company that might sell them preferably in Perth or Australia.
Please help…
Maddy 🙂

Adam answers:

I dont believe they are available for purchase in Australia through retail, they can only be bought from O/S. Ebay do have them, from USA, but they are very pricy ( $900 + US)
That would probably be your only option.

Paul asks…

How to smell like a baby?

I’m in love with the smell of new, clean babies. I used lots of johnson & johnson products but i’m not sure if it’s actually making me smell like a baby. Is there a perfume that smells like a baby? I know johnson & johnson and baby magic make a cologne but i can’t find it anywhere because i now live in Australia and online shopping isn’t an option for me. Any ideas?
Ally. xx

Adam answers:

Fresh clean baby smell is lovely but not really something you can duplicate! It’s not just the products, it’s everything that babies drink, and do that makes them smell nice. They don’t sweat for a start. So short of having your own baby, I think you’re stuck!

Robert asks…

Baby Gap, Baby Guess, Lonsdale and Diesel in Australia?


I am looking for shops/stockists for the above brands for baby clothing within Australia.

If people happen to know where i mite be able to purchase them from…even online stores that ship to Australia…that would be greatly appreciated!


Adam answers:

I don’t think you can find Baby Gap in Australia, when ever I go to america i bring it back here. You can check the website and see if they have any stores here, I don’t think they do.
I know that the Lonsdale stores sell baby clothes, there is one in Parramatta, NSW, I don’t know what part of Aus you are in though.
I would check the websites and see where there stores are, that would be my best guess.
David Jones and Myer both sell higher-end baby clothes as well, just not usually in the newborn section. They do have special sections with the higher-end stuff.

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