Questions About Baby Shop Online Uk

Maria asks…

How can i take good Photo for my website online clothes?

I have an website online shop selling baby clothes. Which is the best camera to use and lighting Equipment and back drop to use. And can any one guild me on how to take the photo in a good
Angle. Also how to use photoshop to touch up the photo. Like the pro do. Eg Gap kids

The website is if that help anyone

I am using a normal 10pix Digital camera

I am in the uk

Thanks Everyone

Adam answers:

I am not a photographer but one thing i would do is place a white sheet on a flat table then lay the clothes out it the table

James asks…

UK sites for baby things?

I want to make sure I’ve looked around for good prices and exactly what I want before parting with my money to get baby things. I want to look online as well as the places local to me. I already know about and have looked at the online shops for Argos, Ikea and Mothercare. Does anyone have suggestions for more sites?

Adam answers:

What kind of baby things are you after?

Tesco does a lot of baby things cheap – clothes, nappies, food, dummies etc. Etc. I get 99.9% of my daughter’s things from there. And it’s normally Argos or Tesco direct for birthday/christmas presents. You could try Babies R Us, Mamas and Papas etc. Have you joined the Boots Parenting club? That’s really recommended.

You are far better off going to the shops yourself if you ask me, as you will save on delivery charges.


All I can think of off the top of my head 🙂

Michael asks…

I’m looking for a baby sleep-suit with attached mittens?

My baby grandson,aged 3months, has eczema on his face and it is difficult to keep mittens on him to stop him scratching.

Has anyone seen any store or online shop (in the UK) selling sleep-suits with integral or attached mittens?
Have been searching without success!

Grateful for any links but must be UK based.

Thanks in anticipation of reply.

Adam answers:

You can buy sleepsuits with a fold over sleeve that acts as a mitten, they’re quite good.
You can get them from Next, Asda.. Various places.

My son has these ones,

Just an example so you know what you’re looking for!

Paul asks…

Where can I buy Sugar Baby cosmetics in UK?

I want a specific gloss called Razzle and I can’t find it online and the 2 shops near me which used to sell it don’t have it anymore! Please help!

Adam answers:


Mandy asks…

there is a shop in the UK I think it is called like mother and co. or something what is it called?

It sells the brand “kylie” it sells from baby (girls) to women. Please help I really need the name, and also does it have an online catalogue?


Adam answers:

Do you mean Mothercare?

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