Questions About Baby Shop Online

Carol asks…

Parents where is the best online place to shop for baby clearance clothes?

Looking to do a little shopping online for some cheaper baby clothes and looking for suggestions as to what are some good places to look?

Adam answers:


i get most of my daughters clothes at salvation army- yeah, they’re used, they look nice and you can get an entire season of clothes for $40.

Ken asks…

Good places to shop for baby online?

Im a first time mom and I wanted to know some good places to shop for baby online.

Adam answers:

I guess you are searching new born baby clothes. Please refer the below website where you can buy children clothing.

Richard asks…

I have a smal online shop in baby clothes. In order to get more traffic to my shop I think I need to advertise?

I have a smal online shop in baby clothes. In order to get more traffic to my shop I think I need to advertise. But when I look at the prices for search engine advertising I do not think I can still make a profit from this traffic

Adam answers:

In today’s online market this is truly a great problem. Advertising on search engines can be very expensive, especially on some high paying keywords.

But even in low profile keywords the CPC (Cost Per Click) has gone through the roof when you compare this to the CPC’s of some years ago.

Why is that?

One of the reasons is that there is a lot more competition for search engine advertising. This has driven prices up.

But there are other reasons. Some search engines have changed their policy in that they do not show as many advertisments as they used to do. A couple of years ago you would find different ads on different pages. If you wanted to advertise on page 1 you had to pay for that, but if you were contented with an ad on page 3 you could advertise for cents and still attract some traffic.
Now you must pay CPC’s for an appearance on page 1 of the search results and some search engines will repeatedly show the same ads on all pages of the search result. This improves the PPC (Pay Per Click) for search engines.

But if you operate a small online shop on a small advertising budget this will hamper your search engine ambitions.

What can you do?

One thing that you can do is only advertise on display and disable search.
With Google AdWords you can still pay less on display advertising, although these prices also went up. You must find that out for yourself by trying it on your important keywords. The results may vary depending on keywords and the quality of your landing page.

Another option is advertising on different search engines and find out where you will get the best results from your advertising Euro or Dollar.

Also you can try some other advertising networks that can bring in traffic for very low CPC’s. But you will have to monitor the results of course.


Search engine advertising for small online shops is more expensive than it used to be and it can be the number one reason that your shop will never come off the ground.
Finding alternatives is difficult but we see more and more specialized companies that jump into this market.

Getting free traffic is the best answer to your problem, but that is a very different (and as difficult) story indeed.

Nancy asks…

would you prefer to shop online at an eco baby store or a frugal store that has all brand names but cheap?

Do you think more people would be inclined to buy their baby items at an online store that only sells organic, non toxic toys, clothes, towels, etc.

Or, one that has all of the popular brand names (fisher price, lamaze, bruin) and sells them for half of the price that the stores do.

Thank you!! I’m thinking about opening up one of these stores but not too sure what people would prefer.

Adam answers:

I’m more of a target shopper. I buy very little, but when I do I already know what I want and what I want has value. I don’t really care what I have to pay to get it.

Donald asks…

what is a cheap baby items online shop?

any cheap online site for baby things?

Adam answers:

I found website through Google and you can’t get much better than this. If you call, staff always polite and if you have a query, they always find the answer for you. The service is vary fast and reliable. Would highly recommend this website.

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