Questions About Baby Shopping Checklist

Linda asks…

looking for a new baby shopping checklist.?

Adam answers:

Go to Babies R Us (.com) and buy one of everything!

Seriously if your looking for a list maybe try a pediatrician office or maybe the hospital nursury?
What kind of list – little things? Big things?

Mary asks…

Printable new baby checklist?

I’m a first time mother and I have absolutely no idea where to begin with baby shopping so I’m looking for a checklist for everything you need for a new baby that I can take shopping with me.

Adam answers:

Target has a downloadable checklist that I used when shopping for my daughter.

Keep in mind though that they want you to buy as much as possible. Go through the list before you go shopping and adjust it to fit your needs.

Babies R Us has one that you can download too:

I also found a couple books helpful because they helped me really sort out what I did and didn’t need and narrow down my shopping list

Vicki Iovine’s Guide to Baby Gear

And Parents magazine’s Baby Gear:

I got them both out from the library while I was pregnant.

Good luck!

James asks…

I need a checklist for my 9month baby for the winter?

I need to go shopping for my baby, i want to know EVERYTHING i need for the winter besides the essetials of course. If you could find a baby checkilst for a 9-12 month old for winter it would be really helpfull. Or if you have a baby and kno what I need to buy let me know THANKS!

Adam answers:

Well you could get
socks that are thick
hats with ear covers
extra lotion
A&D ointment for when he gets chapped skin or lips
long sleave shirts/onsies
chap stick
heater for her room
thick blanket
bankets for carseats or carseat covers

William asks…

What are the essential products needed for newborn baby?

Hi, I am 28 weeks pregnant and wants to start shopping for our baby…I live in the United States and wanted to have a detailed checklist for all the essential baby products needed for a newborn baby? Pls give me the list.

Adam answers:

This helped me!

Donna asks…

Baby checklist and cheapest places/?

Hi everyone, i’m currently 28 weeks pregnant with my second, i’ve been writing down everything i need and was wondering where u all think is the cheapest place to get everything from, i went into boots yesterday to have a look at most things i need and was shocked at the prices, was over 15 month ago i was shopping for my first but can’t remember it being this expensive lol. All opinions and advice very much appreciated thanks xx

Adam answers:

Boots and Mothercare are a rip off – try the main supermarkets as they tend to be much cheaper.

Matalan have nice and reasonably priced blankets/sheets etc.

Primark is cheap but the quality isnt the best. The sizes are small also – I bought my son a top there that was meant to last until the age of 12 months but he was too big for it by the age of 8 months, so I wont shop there for clothes again!

I think on the whole the supermarkets are the best.

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