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Laura asks…

I am starting to write my first book. What advice do you have?

My book is fiction and I can’t decide if I want to use real locations or fabricated ones. I haven’t traveled much so I wouldn’t know a lot about places other than where I live. Also is the any general advice you can give me?

Adam answers:

I am a published author and I have limited travel experience. I start out most of my novels with a basic concept of ‘big city U.S.A.’ or rural small town U.S.A. Then the type of clothes, accents, details and little things I need in the story begin to pop up, whether it’s a particular type of house, or rainy season, or lots of hills, mountains, dry arid heat, snow, a cabin, a condo, subways to work, cabs, do I need everything close by or far away. I then begin scowering the map for locations. I buy a travel book for those areas and then get to researching although I think before I start writing I sort of have a location in mind because my characters remind me of some place.
Because I am a writer I went ahead and reorganized the map to suit my purposes by moving a small river over a state or two, changing the name of a mountain or the depth of a valley or made my own town smack dab between two that were already in existance and then I apologized to the entire state of North Carolina for messing around with their map. ;}
But the library has plenty of travel guides with locations of all the hotels, hot spots, best restaurants, coolest clubs, touristy sightseeing, and trendy shopping. Keep in mind that saying ‘me and Myrtle ended up walking down the most trendy street in Kansas City Missouri that did a fair job of looking like a short Rodeo drive’ gives the reader a decent picture even if you nor they have ever been to Kansas City or Rodeo drive. And it’s pretty save to say that most cities have on or two streets where not everyone can afford to shop. To get specific names of stores go on the internet, that’s also a way to find out who carries what items you can have your characters looking for in rural America or big City U. S. A.
So I suppose what I do is start out with some fabricated place that I made up in my head that looks alot like where I live or want to live then find something as close to it as possible and then mix and match reality with my world.
Use that creative liscense to travel baby!
Let me also mention that since I’ve never been outside of America, I’ve yet to write about anywhere outside of America, only because most states are relatively standardized where in one corner of Japan you may find NYC type skyscrapers, Miami type nitelife, Cali traffic, and Amish life all within an hour of each other. So I’d suggest you research other countries and customs as much as possible before sending your character abroad.

Sharon asks…

Can a thirteen year old get any sort of job?

I live in NYC,so no chores.

I don’t like the fact that I have to use my moms money to get stuff,or that I have to wait so long. If it’s my money,then it’s ok,I suppose..

But,I’m nowhere near finished writing my book,I’ve hardly began so..

I meant chores that you get payed for,that aren’t by your parents.

And don’t have to do with strangers..Wait..

Adam answers:

I think she means she cant go around and mow lawns or stuff like that.
I know what you mean, but in NYC there really isnt any odd jobs to do.
You could find out if someone needs a babysitter?

You have to wait until your about 15-ish, for you to get a small job.
Sorry – but you can try selling things? Or make your own little buisness?
If you learn html, and graphics you can make an online site for myspace layouts or something – I know how to do all of it, and its really easy. I’ve been learning since I was 12, but I just never got around to pay for a site.
If your mom pays like 8 bucks one time, or maybe each month – you could get your own site.

Also, you can make a youtube account, and try to become popular? Then eventually open up shirts, and junk – it really depends if people LIKE you, and if your good with video editing.

Basically, the best place for making money at your age would probably be online, with some kind of website. There are alot of people who dont anything about html, and just stick things on their profile like idiots. You can help them?

Also, you can make things and sell them? Like to your friends, and whoever they know? Do you have a talent? Make bracelets, necklaces maybe? Eventually you can get a site and take local orders?

When my mom was really small, 8-9, she made handmaid doll clothes for the baby dolls, that apparently were really cool at the time, then she made a little stand and her friends would buy them – and bring more friends.
Try thinking of something people your age, near you, love, and see if you can make it? Or if you have a musical talent, you could always be a subway music chick? XD Okay, that was a joke- dont do it, its not safe.

Good luck, and sorry that you want money. Try asking for a weekly allowance? Make sure you get good grades and do what your told though!

Nancy asks…

A Texas chick going to NYC!?

I will be heading to NYC for the first time in September with my dad and I don’t think watching every movie about NYC will help much. I’m very adventurous and I want to know everything I can about the city as far as the best vintage clothing stores, upcoming events, clubs, Broadway shows, restaurants and the rock music scene. I also want to know about taxi and subway etiquette. Answers from anyone New Yorkers and those who have traveled there would be awesome! Thanks! ^_^

Adam answers:

Hi!! I’ve been living in New York since I was born!

I would say to stay away from tourist attractions, unless you like that kind of stuff (empire state building, times square, statue of liberty, etc..) The real New York isn’t that way!!

Definitely stay in Manhattan, it’s the best borough ^-^ The best vintage stores around is in the East Village (Alphabet City). They call it that because all the avenues are A,B,C and D. There is a really cool vintage thrift store called Buffalo Exchange. You can check out really cute local stores (trust me, you won’t need to take transportation to go to a restaurant, there are practically 20 places to eat in one block –In Manhattan that is). But, if you want to be a tourist, you could go to Max Brenners, or Mars 2112.

Mars 2112 is a restaurant that’s themed like mars (duh!)

Max brenners is a restaurant that only sells chocolate (chocolate pizza, etc.)

I hoped I helped, and enjoy your vacation! New york is the best, baby!

Helen asks…

What to wear to a GAP interview when it’s 100 degrees today?

I have an interview with GAP today, and the weather claims it’s going to be about 100 degrees and humid today in NYC. what should I wear? I sweat really quickly, and I have to take public transportation, so I’ll be walking, causing even more sweat.

Also, what kind of questions should I ask if they ask me/us if we have any? Lastly, I’ve read online that they will ask candidates to pick out an outfit(s). What should I pick out? I don’t really keep up to date with fashion, so I’m likely to end up picking something more old-fashioned like a suit or just a dress shirt/pants combo. I never knew how to match those graphic tees and whatever else they have.

Adam answers:

Is there any place near this Gap store where you can change? What I like to do in weather like this is to actually bring some or all of my interview clothing in a nice bag, and then change just before I go into the interview. Obviously, you won’t change *inside* the Gap – but if this is in the mall at Columbus Circle, for example, you could bring your interview outfit, and change in the mall bathroom, and freshen up before the interview.

If that’s not possible, then plan to sweat, and bring something that can cover that up. So for example, if you’re wearing a shirt that you know you’ll sweat through, bring a sweater or a jacket to cover it up once you enter the building. Bring a small mirror, a comb, and other things (makeup if you’re female) so you can freshen up before the interview. I would bring baby wipes and some deodorant, to do a quick freshen up.

Give yourself some extra time before the interview, as cool-down time. Time where you can stand in some A/C – perhaps in a nearby store – so you can cool down for a while before you go into the Gap.

As for the outfit they ask you to pick – go with your strengths. If your strength is not the graphic T-shirts, then go directly over to their polo shirts and jeans, and pull that together; or if they offer suits, do that. Go with your strengths. In fact, maybe go to their website now so you can already be familiar with the types of clothing they’ll have in their store, and for how they tend to assemble them into outfits. Then in your interview, don’t copy what they did on the website, but use it as your inspiration. And again, if your personal inspiration is, for example, classic menswear, then go with those strengths – and use similar items from the Gap’s stock to assemble a more classical, traditional look than the graphic t-shirt thing.

And notice something I just said, above. It isn’t that “I don’t keep up to date with fashion,” and it’s not that your tastes are “old fashioned.” Oh, no. If asked, you’re “inspired by classic menswear and more traditional looks”. Write that down. What that means is what you just said – you’re more into a nice shirt/trousers combo, or a polo shirt and trousers, or an oxford shirt and jeans. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it actually suits many of the customers who come into the Gap.

Donna asks…

What Should a Teenager Wear in NYC?

I am a 16 year old girl who is going to NYC this summer.

We are planning to go down to SoHo and look in some stores there, especially DASH(please don’t tell me how it is not worth it…I already know).

The only problem is that I don’t know what to wear!

I am sort of a tomboy and will not wear a dress. I also don’t wear short clothing, low cut shirts or heels…I am very conservative.
I also don’t like thin, sheer shirts because I don’t have any cami’s.
I also don’t want to look completely out of style. I don’t want to wear jeans and a tee, obviously.
I guess I would be interested in a black pencil/a-line skirt with a white blouse, but I don’t want to look like I am 50. I would rather look like a conservative, sleek teenager.
I also don’t want it to be see-through. I would rather not draw a lot of attention towards myself (whether that is being underdressed and/or poorly dressed).

I do like this skirt, but I feel it isn’t dressy enough for SoHo:

What do you think?

So how can I look sleek and conservtaive and still look my age?
I do like Forever 21 but I don’t know how to match clothes.
I have been in Charlotte Russe and found a black blazer…but wouldn’t I be too hot in it(I am going in July)?

So, in all, I would like to look like I fit in in SoHo and the rest of NYC without being too revealing or old looking.

If you could PLEASE provide links, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

Adam answers:

That skirt is…not the best. Wear a NICE, form-fitting pair of boot-cut jeans, and a cute shirt. A shirt like any of these would be cool without being overly revealing: especially the baby-doll tops. Those are cute (at bottom of page 1)

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