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Carol asks…

What’s a part time sit-down job a teenager could do ?

I have back problems and I get really exhausted and sore even from like a 3 hour shift .. I currently work in a clothing store, I’ve worked in 2 fast food places, and its not for me lol. I plan on buying a car within the next year so going jobless isnt an option. I’ve tried baby sitting but finding baby-sitting jobs is pretty much impossible around where I live. If you have any ideas, thatd be nice.

Adam answers:

You can sell mark makeup at 16. It’s 20 bux to sign up, you get a makeup kit and a website. You can promote your website and get like 30-40% of what people spend. Pretty cool! Plus makeup discounts. You can sign up to sell mark here:

Donna asks…

What to pack for a nine week old baby when going on a long haul flight?

We’re flying to Tokyo to visit some friend who live out there, two are getting married and two have just had a baby. The flight is about 11 hours in total, we’re flying from London to Tokyo. We’re flying with Virgin if that makes any difference.
We’ve not really travelled with Emma before. We don’t have a car seat for her, we carry her in a baby sling which she prefers. We used to have a car seat and tried 7 different ones but she cried in all of them except in the baby sling.

Adam answers:


You need to book a bassinet with Virgin for your baby to sleep in (to take a car seat in the aeroplane cabin you’ll have to boo a third seat). If you book a bassinet, you’ll probably be given the bulk head seats at the front. You should do this as soon as possible to guarantee a bassinet. Go here for more info

To take with you – as many changes of clothes for baby that you think you need plus a couple extra – and for you (to be on the safe side). (plus muslins etc as other answerer suggested) Take a travel change mat as there will be a place to change baby in the toilets, but you might want your own mat for hygiene purposes.

If you bottle feed your baby, you are allowed to take as much as you reasonably need for the site. I would take what you need, plus a little extra in case of delays. Baby bottles are exempt from the 100ml rule through security control but you may have to taste them in front of control. Alternatively you can buy ready milk in the airports that is already security checked and therefore you don’t have to taste it. I believe you can call the airport store (usually Boots) to check there will be some in stock. I used to take bottles of water (boiled and left to cool to room temerature) then made the milk up with powder from travel dispensers – that way you don’t have to consider keeping the milk cool, and my daughters happily drank them at room temperature.

I’m sure your baby won’t need much in the way of toys – but you could consider a little black and white book, or some black and white picture cards that newborns like to look at.

Most airlines will happily heat bottles for you. When I last checked, Virgin allow an up to 6kg cabin bag for infants.

I hope your flight goes well.

Chris asks…

What is a unique way to wrap a baby shower gift?

My friend is having her baby shower at the end of September and I would appreciate any ideas. On the invitation it had mentioned wrapping the gift in something else besides wrapping paper and Im kind of clueless lol. Thanks for the help

Adam answers:

A large flannel swaddling/receiving blanket – I had someone do that for me and it was nice.

Stuff the gifts into clothing! This works if they are stuffed animals or smaller items.

Crib sheet – find a nice simple pattern or solid color.

Playpen sheet- find a nice simple pattern or solid color.

Pillow case – find a nice simple pattern or solid color.

Use a gift bag! (It can be reused – go with a solid color instead of a baby print)

Laundry bag or laundry basket with a blanket on top. (I found a child laundry basket in white and filled it with stuff for my cousin and covered it with a blanket – she loved it!)

Tissue paper. (It biodegrades easily)

A basket or bin that can later be used to store toys/supplies and such.

A bath towel – it doesn’t have to be a kid-sized hooded one, any nice towel will do!

Go to a sewing/fabric store and get a nice piece of fleece or flannel. (Fleece you don’t need to hem the edges.)

A reusable shopping bag – baby stores have cool little prints on them, or just a simple one that can be found in many places.

James asks…

How can I make 18 hours airplane travel easier for baby?

She’s 11 month old and her daddy will not travel with us. I would appreciate any tips regarding food, sleep, play?? Also clothing… I think in airplanes is a bit cool. I started to prepare for the trip and it got a bit overwhelming 🙂

Thank you.

Adam answers:

I’ve been flying internationally and domestically with my children since they were each 2 months (now 8, 6, and 5 months). At least three trips a year are the children and I traveling internationally (14+ hours each way) alone. In addition to that, we do another 8-10 international and domestic flights a year as a family. I have never had any problems with my children on any of the flights. Here are a few tips and suggestions:

1.) Make sure to pack plenty of things to entertain your child, such as a few books, toys, a portable DVD player (be sure to bring extra batteries) or let her use your laptop (make sure it’s fully charged) with a few movies, and one or two comfort things such as a favorite blankie or stuffed animal. I always bring a small pillow and blanket from home for my children (even now) because I know 100% that they are clean, and my children are accustomed to them.

My children like to bring along their own coloring books, a Doodle Pad, their Leap Pads (with a few booklets), and scrap paper that they can make their own drawings with and play games such as tic-tac-toe. My daughter used to like to bring along a doodle bear when she was younger so that she could draw on that as well, and my son likes to bring along some action figures to play with. I found that buying a Rose Art kit is great! It has crayons, markers, coloring books, coloring sheets, and stickers that they can color. It definitely keeps them entertained!

You can also play games like pat-a-cake, or I-spy, and tell stories to your child as well. If you tell a story, try to make it an interactive one where she has a part in it so she stays interested.

You might also consider going to the store and letting your child (I let my children start this at the age of one) pick out her own carry on bag and a few inexpensive toys that will be used only once you are on the plane. Be sure to pick out a few toys without her seeing so that she has an extra surprise when she opens her carry on.

2.) Bring Snacks! Just add water packets of food, cheerios, goldfish, animal crackers, dried fruit, etc. Are great. New regulations also allow you to take beverages (including water) from home as long as they are less than 3oz (100ml), -OR- beverages (including water) of any size that you have purchased from inside the security area onto planes. You can also bring a limited amount of baby food, yogurt, cheese, puddings, etc. With you also as long as they are in containers less than 3oz (100ml)

As long as your child is with you, you are able to take as much formula, breast milk, regular milk, juice, and/or baby food that you will need for you child for the duration of the time you will spend in the airport and on the flight (as long as it is within reason).And no, you will NOT have to taste it – no matter what form you bring it in.

All that you must do is:

1. Separate the milk from the liquids, gels, and aerosols in your quart-size (1 liter) zip-top bag.
2. Declare you have the items to one of the Security Officers at the security checkpoint.
3. Present these items for additional inspection once reaching the X-ray. These items are subject to additional screening

Save your money when it comes to buying water though because the Flight Attendants will provide you with hot or cold water (or any other drink) free at any time that you request, no matter how many times you request it.

3.) Keep your diaper bag well stocked with plenty of wipes, ointments and other essential things. Just remember the new law regulating liquids, gels, and such and pack accordingly. Http:// You can usually find travel size baby products in stores and they are wonderful for plane use. One thing I always like to carry with me is hand sanitizer! I always wipe the trays down with that (followed by a baby wipe) and use it for my kids after taking them to the bathroom (even though they wash their hands). I know that airplane bathrooms are not the cleanest, so that is why I try to be vigilant.

Be sure to pack 2-3 changes of clothes for your child. You will need this in case she gets sick, spills something on herself, or in case your luggage gets lost.

Bring any medications that you might need for your child should she get sick or that she takes regularly. Remember that if they are not prescription medications, the 3oz (100ml) rule applies to them and they must be kept in a clear plastic bag.

Do NOT give your child medicine with the hopes of it making her sleep. This is not only cruel, but dangerous as well. I have also seen where it backfires; a parent gives their child a dose of Benedryl to make them sleep, but instead it gets the child more hyper and the parents get absolutely no rest on the flight (and neither does anyone else).

Try to change your childs diaper as close to boarding as possible. This will help to make your child feel fresh and more comfortable for take-off (which could also mean less problems).

4.) Not all children have a problem with the pressure changes in their ears. If yours does however you’ll want to know how to help. For take-offs and landings (the WHOLE way up, and starting from the BEGINNING, or TOP of descent), the best ways to alleviate ear pressure are to:

*Give her something to drink (milk, water, juice – it doesn’t matter)
*Give her a pacifier to suck on
*Pinch her nostrils shut, have her take a deep breath in through the mouth, then tell /her to (gently) blow as if trying to blow her nose
*Place hot damp towels (usually like the ones distributed to first and business class before take-off and landing to freshen up with – just ask a flight attendant for them) or paper towels that have been soaked in hot water and wrung out, at the bottom of two paper or styrofoam cups, then hold the cups over the ears
*Gently but with some pressure, rub her neck repeatedly from the chin to the base of the neck. This will cause a swallowing motion that will relieve pressure build-up in the ears.

5.) If you hold your child a a “lap child”, try to book a bulkhead (front) seat where you will have more room, and a bassinet. Bassinets are limited, and not available on every flight. If the bassinet is available (they can only be used in bulkhead seats) it will attach to the front wall for you to put your child in (however you can not use this during taxi, take-offs, landings, or turbulence). This is not the safest way for a child to fly and although a car seat is not mandatory, the airlines recommend children under 40lbs to have their own seat with a child safety device.

If you haven’t booked a separate seat for your child, be nice on check-in and see if they can “block” the seat next to you. They will then only use it if they absolutely need it, and you get a seat for free!

In order to be certified for use on an airplane, the car seat has to met the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Check the labels on the side of your car restraint for a sticker (words will be printed in red) for verification that your seat is safe for airplane use. Almost all car seats pass this requirement. Booster seats are NOT approved for use in airplanes.

There is also a new device that is approved by the FAA for airline use ONLY. It is called CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System) and costs $75. It weighs 1 pound, is certified for all phases of flight (taxiing, take off, turbulence and landing), adjusts to fit ALL size airplane seats, and is approved for kids 22–44 lbs.

If you choose not to use your childs car seat for the plane ride, you will be allowed to gate check it (along with a stroller). It will not count towards your checked luggage. This means that you will need to take it with you to your boarding gate, and one of the handlers will take it from you before you depart, tag it, and put it in a special compartment for you. When you exit the plane, it will be waiting for you at the door as well.

There are many products out there designed to help the traveling family. Here’s a product that can attach to most car seats so that you can use it as a stroller and get it through the airport more easily. Http://

6.) Before you travel, I always suggest preparing your daughter for what to expect so that she is not caught off guard and scared on the day of travel. You want to make sure that you tell her what is going to happen from the time you get to the airport until the time you arrive at your destination. You don’t need to go into any great detail here, but give her something that she will be able to reference when actually traveling. If you are able to, I always suggest doing a dry run of the airport. This provides you with an opportunity to explain to her what is going to happen while she can see first hand what it looks like.

Here are links that talk about what to expect when flying (also includes information about what to do at the airport) that may help you out a bit:;_ylt=AlxCY2D7gKazfods9sO.hnbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080524223044AA3cjUR&show=7#profile-info-ssBL3Kakaa

I wrote a small article about flying with children that goes more in-depth, gives security rules and regulations for the US, EU, UK, and Australia, offers tips and tricks for the travel, etc. Http://

If I can be of any more help or assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Lisa asks…

How long does it take for baby tylenol kick in to reduce a fever?

She got a pretty high fever I was wonder how long I should wait after giving her medicine to reduce it before I call the dr. It’s started to go down but that was after a bath and cool compresses.
well I know I need to take her to the dr. but there are no offices open right now, so if I did anything it would be more of an emergency room visit, then just a dr. office

Adam answers:

A fever is over 100.4 it becomes dangerous if it hits 104 or doesn’t go down after the meds. If that happens take her to the emergency room. If taken under the arm add one, if rectally subtract one. How old is the baby? Any baby under 3 months should be taken to the doctor right away. If the baby is over 3 months then call your pediatrician to find out what to give her. It can take 20-45minutes for the meds to kick in and it’ll wear off at good hour before you can give it to her again if her fever is that persistant. Keep using the cold compresses. Use them before sitting her in a bath. There are also compresses you can buy at the store that you can sit in the fridge and that stick to the head. Keep her in lite clothes with a fan in the room to circulate the air. And don’t bundle her in blankets. It could just be a bug and in that case the fever could last 3 days. If it last longer call the doctor.

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