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Mary asks…

Baby Shower Troubles?

My friend is having a baby in mid November and I’ve decided to give her a suprise shower in the begining of October. She made a baby shower list because family wanted to know what to buy her and so did I, but she put on a lot of VERY expensive items that I don’t think I could give to everyone. She wants this a thousand dollar crib and $500 changing table and she wants all of these designer clothes for the baby. I showed the list to a co-worker that is helping me plan the shower and she said that I better talk to her or no one will get her a thing on that list.

How do I tell my friend that she needs to find cheaper stuff on the list? She’s going through mood swings right now so I have to pick a perfect time, plus not spoil the suprise of the baby shower.
Her mom is taking her out to coffee, it’s going to be a pretty laid back shower so she can just wear what she wears everyday and then we’ll suprise her. We know she wants a shower cause she’s hinted it.

Adam answers:

Actual registries are better.

High dollar items should be left to family & close friends to volunteer to get… Not put on a registry, unless you’re super rich, and have super rich friends, you can’t ask for $500-$1000 items… Those furniture items are things your mother buys you or your inlaws do.

A store registry is more appropriate to put in an invitation anyway… Putting a printed/handwritten list in an invitation is tacky. Put in the little business card they give you or hand write “the mommy to be is registered at Babies R Us, available instore or online for your convenience”. Now on there a few bigger items are still appropriate – I had a $200 play yard as my top item… But there are always people who mean well, who really care, but only have $10 to spare, it does not mean they don’t care, it just means they’re broke!!

So registering for basic items like towels and onesies, shampoo, and socks are important also. Plus you never know if someone is going to spend $100 and prefers to get a baby bathtub and fill it with stuff instead of an overpriced designer outfit that will be spit up on and out grown in less than a month.

Lizzie asks…

where can i get clothing like baby phat, apple bottoms, or even ecko red cheaper in the city of NY?

-ecko red shoes
-apple bottom jeans
baby phat jeans
-hand bags(not designer, but close enough)
-or clothing that has jeans that is made for people with a lot of butt
-must be in NY city

Adam answers:

China town?

Helen asks…

Anyone know of any good sites that you can get designer?

clothes for women really cheap.I mean real name brand stuff prada, louis V,Baby phat. I looking for more of direct manufactor from across seas. not local web sites.

Adam answers:

If it really cheap, there’s a very low chance that it’s real. Overseas is risky, because a lot of fakes are produced outside of the country. Companies that produce outside the country work hard to make sure they don’t get out for cheap. The only way you know it’s real, is if you buy it real or sometimes used from a good business or shop.

Some fakes look very, very genuine though.

David asks…

How much did your 1st baby cost you?

My sister has just added up the amount of money she has spent on her current baby girl, including her;

brand new pilko pramette.
moses basket.
white varnished cot.
brand new play mat.
brand new play gym.
brand new bouncer.
brand new high chair.
swimming ring.
lots of sudocream, johnsons lotion, talc, ect.
bottle sterilisers.
change mat.
numerous bags of nappies/diapers.
travel cot.
then upto 30 vests.
a lot of sleeping suits.
numerous pairs of jeans, jeggings, leggings.
tights, socks.
summer clothes.
winter clothes.
durux 20ltr rose paint for her room.
mirror for her room.
boxes for stuff.
photo frames.
ect, and all that adds upto £1187.70, and the majority of the stuff is brand new, but including the overly expensive brand new floor she had put down in the babies room, it adds upto £1387.7, is that quite cheap or expensive to spend on your first baby? she has got designer stuff! You know, how much did you spend?

Adam answers:

Well we’ve been trying to have our first baby for about 5 years, after two IUIs and two, going on three IVFs, we’ve probably spent over $20,000 and still don’t have one. Once we do, we’ll be able to tell you how much we spent on it!

Chris asks…

does this make me a bad soon to be mom..?

my fiance’ and me went out to dinner with his mother and she isn’t supportive of the pregnancy- she thinks you need to be over the age of 25.
anyways, at dinner she was asking about the next appointment, i told her it was the 2nd to see what the sex is, she replied with “what you can’t wait and just do neutral colors?” i told her i wasn’t that fond of the neutral themes/patterns, and i simply just wanted to know if it’s a boy or girl. then she said “first off you don’t need themes and patterns don’t matter you just need basics, and it’s stupid to be impatient- you can wait to find out the sex” i understand i don’t need to go overboard with the nursery, but i like themes and certain colors, i don’t see the harm in it?
then we went to TJ Maxx- i made a comment that i like it there because they have some designer stuff for cheaper prices- she replies with “you don’t need to be shopping, you should be saving your money for the baby” i rarely do any shopping to begin with.. only once in awhile for a new pair of jeans or whatever.
my fiance’ and me ended up looking at some wall decorations (paintings etc)- she told us you don’t need decorations you need baby stuff
then we got to where the clothes were and she started criticizing me on what i normally wear (lately because i’m growing and getting a bit bigger in the tummy area i wear sweat pants, hoodies, stuff that is comfortable to me) she said because of what i wear it means i’m going to be a bad mother and it proves i’m immature and i need to step up to the plate and dress the way a mother should, then she had the nerve to say because i don’t have a mother she understands why i don’t know how to dress appropriately (my mom passed away two years ago)
lastly, she decided to take it upon herself to re-train my dogs- we have a year old beagle who is a little hyper, and a two year pit bull who is calm- she says i can’t trust them around the baby. i never planned on leaving my baby alone with the dogs, but i sure as hell not going to not let them around the baby– they have been around children and babies before, they KNOW what they can and can’t do. i do admitt, our beagle does need work on a few things but she is definitely not a “threat” to the baby..
anyways am i wrong to be pissed off with his mother or am i just overreacting? i was talking to my dad about it and he thinks she was completely out of line and i should have “stood up” to her, but then again he doesn’t like her and she isn’t welcome in his house- mainly due to her reaction of us telling everyone we were expecting. (she did this whole you’re tearing apart our family- get rid of the baby).
my fiance’ tells her to knock all the bullsh*t off, but, he is her son so he tries to kindly but firmly to back off, but she ignore him.
and i have already told him, if she doesn’t change her act soon, she will not be in the baby‘s life- i am not having my baby feel like they’re a mistake or their grandma doesn’t love them- no child’s deserves that.

Adam answers:

Your dad is right….she is out of line. She is just mad that you guys are having a baby, and she is trying to give you a hard time. Personally i would just ignore her and try to avoid her as much as possible. Because people like her just want to get get a reaction out of you so they just try to cause conflict with rude comments and such. But you already know she disapproves of the pregnancy so you don’t have to bite in to her comments. Your dad and other people may tell you to stand up to her, if you do there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. The wrong way is to blow up and show her your bad side, which will let her know she is getting to you (which she wants). The right way is to just tell her in a respectful way that you know she disapproves of the pregnancy and there is nothing she can do about it because after all its you and her son that’s going to be having this baby, not her. And if she has something rude or nasty to say just tell it to her son, because being pregnant is already stressful and you don’t need or want more. Im 28 weeks pregnant and i have a 1 yr old son. This pregnancy i had decided i didn’t want to know the sex of the baby. My mother in law asked me why not, well every one has asked me why not, and i told them this is something i want to do cause i think it will be exciting. I told them all that i CAN wait but if they cant then its on them. But i think you should be able to decide if you do or don’t want to know the sex its your baby. Tell her you’re going to find out and if she doesn’t want to know then you don’t have to tell her. Also when i was pregnant with my son i didn’t really gain that much weight and i could fit all (well most) of my clothes until the end of my eighth month, but this pregnancy iam much bigger and i cant fit any of my shirts or pants since i was like five months, so i understand how you want to dress more comfortable, i think every pregnant woman does. And how you dress doesn’t make you a better or less mom. I would be mad too cause your not overreacting, its her and she is trying to make you feel bad, please don’t let her get to you, i wish i could tell you it will get better when the baby is born, but it might get worse cause she will have things to say about parenting. You should also tell your fiance to talk to her, it might help.

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