Questions About Designer Baby Clothes Online

Michael asks…

Is it weird to browse baby items online if you’re too young to have a baby?

I don’t want a baby. Well, I do in the future. But not now.
I just looove looking at designer baby clothes and furniture.
It’s just so cute and miniature.

My friends think I’m weird…is it weird?

Adam answers:

Nah!(; I browse wedding dresses, even though I’m 13 and dont plan to wed soon!

William asks…

Website to buy designer kids clothes?

Ok ladies, is there a website to buy high-end/designer kids clothes on sale? Something like but for kids clothes 🙂

I’m in love with buying baby clothes for a family member who is expecting soon!

I’m in LOVE with the little Ralph Lauren dresses for babies and can find some at Marshall’s and places like that… But I’m hoping there a site online that sells discounted designer baby clothes.

Thanks ladies! 🙂

Adam answers:

I buy a lot of Peyton’s clothes and shoes from They are having their annual men’s and children sale right now.

Carol asks…

What are some good places to get baby clothes?

Any type- designer, low end, online, not online. Anywhere in the world

Adam answers:

Check out used/second hand stores in your area. I often find clothes that still have the tags on there!
Also, places like H&M, The Gap, Old Navy, etc all have cute baby clothes for relatively cheap.

Mandy asks…

expensive children’s/baby clothes westfield stratford?

i was was in Dolly rockers and saw a few items of clothing that i loved was going to order online but can’t remember the brands they were quite expensive they weren’t may royal or emile et rose could anybody give me any ideas of what the brands could be, or any other lovely designer baby names not like baby dior or gucci or fendi thanks

Adam answers: – the place for cool clothes and gifts for kids

Betty asks…

I found a wonderful online boutique at Have anyone else shopped there yet?

I love the Tutu birthday sets and they have all of the famous designer baby clothes. I have ordered several times and the service is excellent!

Adam answers:

No, I haven’t cute stuff. I bought several tutus at this place and they are full. Hope that helps!

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