Questions About Designer Baby Clothes

David asks…

Where do you buy designer baby clothes online?

I have been looking for a baby clothing site that carries designer baby clothes such as Little Mass, Flowers by Zoe and Lyla blu. I am looking for nice gifts for a friends baby shower.

Adam answers:

My wife really loves to indulge in designer baby clothes for our daughter. She shops on line at They carry a huge selection of Flowers by Zoe for girls and great gift ideas as well!

Carol asks…

Where to buy designer baby clothes?

Does anybody have any good websites where I can get designer clothes for my newborn baby girl? I’ve tried search engines but can’t really find what i’m after. I really want to buy her a designer coat, D&G or something. I’d also like to find a velour tracksuit. Even if they only do them for 6 months up or whatever i’d still like to buy some stuff for when she grows abit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Adam answers:

WOW – D&G is serious high-end for a baby that is going to outgrow it!

I was thinking Ralph Lauren when I saw your question as I have gotten our twins some cute stuff from the outlets and consignment shops – here is a link:

Congrats and best wishes!

George asks…

Does anyone have any websites for designer baby clothes?

I’ve also heard Jimmy Choo does arange of designer shoes for little girls, I’ve googled but can’t find what I want, any help would be appreciated, I want designer baby/toddlers clothes.thanks

Adam answers:

Discount Code: MK56955

Donald asks…

Are designer baby clothes actually much better quality?

Or would you be better off buying a load of cheaper stuff and throwning it out when it gets ruined?

Adam answers:

Don’t spend money on baby clothes. Get hand me downs! They will grow out of everything FAST! And things don’t really get ruined cause they’re only worn a couple of times. If you don’t have any friends with clothes to give you then absolutely buy cheap! Besides a few cute going out outfits, the main things I love are footed pajamas for cool weather, onsies and onsie dresses for warm weather. If you buy pants, buy the ones with snaps down the legs. Get a few caps for their heads. Socks. And I really love sleepsacks for bedtime. That’s it! And don’t throw away anything, give it to a friend, to a church, or to charity!

Lizzie asks…

What are some designer baby clothes?

Baby Lulu, Kate Mack, Trish Scully, Beetle Juice, Lipstik, Jaccadi, Petit Faune, Le Orange. I’m familiar with several, but looking for more. Looking to fit toddler/preschool sizes.

Adam answers:

Here are a few more: Lilly Pulitzer, Girl Friends by Anita G, Soup, Chicken Noodle, Marese, Zara, Kenzo, Kaboo, Catimini, Cakewalk, Painting Red Rhinos, Deux par Duex, Corky & Company, Frankie & Daisy.

As far as growing out of them in 3 months? Not true at all. I buy desinger for my kids too. I buy them large so they can be worn for 2 years.

Who wants their kid wearing the same thing as everybody else? Your child is unique in many ways, I’m sure. Why shouldn’t her clothes be unique?

Good luck!

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