Questions About Fashion Baby Diapers

Charles asks…

is it ok to let daddy change newborn baby girl diapers?

im prego with my second child. i already have a 5 year old son and i am expecting a little girl. my husband is my sons step father and is the baby girls real father. my mom is very very old fashion and she told me that its a good idea that i do the diaper changing and baby showering becuase she is a baby girl and that daddy shouldnt becuase she is a girl not a boy. my little boy is 5 years and my husband of 2.5 years, sons step dad, does just fine showing our son how to pee, and shower correctly , and also answers and questions my son has about his “boy parts”. in fact my son prefers my husband helps him rather then me for some reason. if i accidently walk by my son and he is naked he is all “mmmoooomm!” it s cute and funny. well what do you guys think. is it ok to let daddy change her diapers?

Adam answers:

That’s ridiculous. Why is inappropriate for a father to change his newborn daughter’s diapers?! HE IS HER FATHER!!! Does your mother think that he’ll get some wack-o ideas by looking at HIS OWN newborn baby girl? You changed your sons diapers I am sure… Why is that any different? It’s still talking about the opposite sex.

I totally understand it being weird that a father teaches his daughter about female parts, or teacher her to pee, or how to wear a bra or a pad or something, but changing her diapers?! My husband helps me out with our daughter all the time (she’s 3 months old) and the thought of “that might be weird” or “that might be inappropriate” has never crossed my mind.

Ken asks…

Where can you purchase flat curity (very soft) diapers? I do not like the rough birdseye type.?

I have researched on the net and keep getting the run around. I just want the OLD FASHIONED FLAT DIAPER THAT HAS TO BE FOLDED TO USE. But I want them to be very soft like I bought for my children. They are so VERY handy for SO many things for the baby besides using them just for their diapers.

Adam answers:

Try these guys:

Donna asks…

What to put in my baby scrap book?

Im 28 weeks pregnant and im starting a scrap book for my little girl. I havent decided wether or not to make a baby book.
i have a list of things of what im gonna add. but can anyone else give me ideas
here is my list:
gallon of milk cost
gallon of gas cost
popular song/ song of the year
car cost
house cost
fashion trends
diapers and wipe cost
most bought toy
About the day we found out
Page about mommy and daddy
her family.
her ultrasound pictures
what else?

Adam answers:

They make baby books with spaces to put things like costs of things when baby was born, popular people, who was president, ETC. I have a baby book for my son where I can put in dates for certain milestones. I also put in his first pictures, bassinet card, ID bracelet, a fortune from a fortune cookie I opened 3 months before he was born (it said, remember this date 3 months from now. Good things are in store for you” 3 months to the day, we were leaving the hospital with our son).
You could go to a store and look through the baby books there. They can give you some ideas. Also, there are scrapbooking stickers and stuff made just for babies that are pretty cool. I bought some and stuck them all inside his baby book.

Laura asks…

How common are coed baby showers?

With my first child we had a women’s only shower. I don’t really want to have a traditional shower with the second. I am having another girl, and already have a lot of the things we need. My husband has suggested doing a “party” (maybe like a diaper shower) for the baby, before she is born, but having both his friends and mine come. His mom thinks its unacceptable, not to mention rude, to ask for diapers rather than have a traditional shower. Is she old fashioned or is it rude?

Adam answers:

I think that sounds great. People don’t want to buy things for someone that already has everything.

We had a co-ed shower. Most of my family and friends live at least 8 hours away so it would’ve been impossible for everyone to come. So we threw a bbq and invited my husband’s friends and family. Kids and husbands came and it was great. And we didn’t have to play shower games!!

Jenny asks…

Good modern style cloth diapers?

I use old fashioned cloth diapers (pins and all; I think disposables are disgusting). I like the old fashioned type but have never tried anything else.

My friend is going to have a baby and wants to use cloth too. I was wondering if anyone had a more modern type that they really liked that we could look into?

Adam answers:

i loves these. They call it a hybrid. But the refill liner is flushable and compostable. I didn’t have them on him as a newborn, but he’s been using them since he was three months and i absolutely love them. The little g pants are the most expensive part. And the refills can be bought online at for not a whole lot more than a package of disposables, free shipping on them too. To get the staines off the nylon liners you can rinse them off in normal water then soak them in water and oxiclean. It doesn’t get them perfect, but it really looks alot better. Just don’t use bleach, it ruins the elastic. The gdiapers also eliminates the need for a plastic or rubber cover.

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