Questions About Funky Baby Clothes For Girls

Ruth asks…

Where can i get funky baby tights & gloves?

I went mad on summer clothes for my little girl, she still fits them so im going to turn them into winter outfits with tights. Only problem is everywhere sells bland tights or doesn’t sell any at all.
I want a range of funky colours & patterns not just plain white.
Where can i get some?
Also does anyone make proper finger gloves for babies? my 11 month old gets very cold hands because mits come straight off, i think finger gloves will stay longer because they’ll be harder to get off.
If not im gonna make some cos freezing fingers are not good on a wee baby.

Adam answers:

Asda has a great range of stripey/spotty tights in all colours for little girls. Im exactly the same-turning summer into winter clothes!
I cant find proper baby gloves though and my little one tends to get her mitts of far too easily too!

Michael asks…

Can someone help me with some kayaking tips?

A group of friends and I want to go kayaking pretty soon on Town Lake in Austin. It happens to be that none of us are very experienced at kayaking. Can anyone give me some tips on what to bring, the average time expected to on the lake, or any other important tips that someone may overlook?

I don’t need any information on kayaking instructions or anything related because i can most likely talk to the rental company about those things.

Thanks so much!!

Adam answers:

As to time, that depends on conditions and your fitness level. For most beginner outings, 3 or 4 hours tends to feel like enough, although 6 with a long lunch break on shore in the middle would work out too.

As to what to bring, wear clothes that are not restrictive, and definitely NOT cotton. No jeans, sweats or cargo shorts because they will be like sponges for water and you ALWAYS get wet, both when getting the boats launched and due to drip and splash from your paddles. Board shorts or nylon or polyester gym or hiking shorts (capris for girls), preferably to the knee or longer (you can roll them up) are more comfortable. With shorter shorts your legs get scraped or stick to the edges of the seat and under the cockpit. Plus you want to avoid sunburn on the tops of your thighs. A polyester knit athletic shirt (not sleeveless) works well and you might want to take a windbreaker jacket or polar fleece top if the temp might dip below 70. Gloves are handy for longer paddles to protect from getting paddle blisters — a cheap pair of nylon stretch fingerless gloves like for weighlifting (you can get them at places like in the athletic department K-Mart for under $10. For shoes, you can wear those slip-on soft rubber sole water shoes that people take to the beach, or water sandals, or even old nylon sneakers with no socks. Don’t wear flip-flops or crocs — they aren’t secure and don;t protect your heels. Personally, I like the cheapo croc-like perforated plastic clogs with a velcro strap across the front that you can buy for around $10 or $15 at most Walgreens drug stores. They don’t absorb water and a really comfortable to paddle in.

Other stuff to bring:

– a couple of bottles of water (amazing how quickly you dehydrate paddling)
– sunscreen (super risk of sunburn out on reflecting water) and bug repellent
– some snacks that aren’t easily crushed, in ziplock baggies. Avoid food that will get soggy, crumbly or melt. I like flatbread, apples and those little Baby Bel cheeses in their own wax covering
– polarized sunglasses
– a hat with a brim — even if you NEVER wear hats, believe me, you will want one on the water
– a cotton bandana or two — these are really handy for a lot of stuff
– a whistle, if you have one (handy for signalling if you lose the group)
– a small flashlight with good batteries (never know when you might end up out after dark)
– a pocket bottle of that waterless hand-cleaner (I don’t like eating my lunch with funky lake water on my hands) and a washcloth or dish towel, both in a large zip-lock baggie
– more zip-lock baggies for your camera, cell phone, wallet, etc. (but don’t expect them to protect the electronics if they get dumped directly in the water — this is strictly splash protection)
– a nylon stuff sack or small duffel bag to put all the small bags of stuff inside. Wrapping a garbage bag around it is also a good idea.
– some parachute cord or nylon rope to tie the duffel bag inside the boat — not that you are likely to flip, but if you do you will lose everything overboard otherwise. Nylon rope comes in handy for a lot of stuff, like tying the boats together if you want to “raft up” for lunch or even towing someone who gets too tired to paddle back.

Actually, the best container for your cell and small camera are the gasketed plastic snap locking top boxes on a cord that you can get for about $5 at places like Dunhams Sporting Goods. They usually have them on a display above the bathing suits. The most common problem I’ve run into with beginner kayakers is they lose their car keys or drop their cameras or cell phones in the water. So buying a couple of these waterproof boxes for that stuff is the smartest thing you can do. BE sure and tie them off to your deck rigging or your PFD (life jacket.)

You could ask the rental place if they provide bilge hand pumps. These are not only great for pumping out a flooded boat, they are a blast for having water battles out on a lake. You can fire a 2″ stream of water about 15 feet or more with one of these.

Most of all, wear your life jacket, no matter what. People drown all the time on nice days in calm ponds without them. If a power boater knocks you over and you’re unconscious it could save your life. And if you flip the boat, it is a whole lot easier to climb back in if you’ve got that extra flotation.

Maria asks…

I need a costume for halloween tonight and I can’t buy it i need to make it with things from home? HELP ME!!!!?

I am a brown haired girl, pretty average looking but anyways I need help pleazzz help me!

Adam answers:

Well it’s hard to say if we don’t know what kind of clothes and things you have at your house.

If you have a tye dye or funky shirt you can wear a pair of jeans and the shirt and be a hippie. If you do this just wear as much gaudy jewelery as possible and paint a peace symbol on your face with eyeliner or something. It’ll definitely work…

If you have a old pop up laundry basket you don’t use anymore you can cut a hole out of the bottom and wear it as a dress. Place clothes over the side and you are a laundry basket.

You can be a witch if you have a long dark colored dress and boots. This is usually helped if you have a pentacle so you can make one (it’s basically a star if you don’t know) with cardboard, string, and paint. This is a good costume if you want to fem it up and you can do more or less anything you want with it.

If you have gone to a prom or other formal event and have a nice dress you can be a “beauty queen” or prom queen. Just pretty yourself up. If you don’t have a formal dress maybe someone you know has one they can lend you. Just don’t mess it up!

You can simply be a “dead” person. If you can’t go out and buy makeup just for your face then you can still use household items to do this. Just cover your face in white baby powder and blacken under your eyes with eyeliner or dark colored eyeshadow. Wear any outfit you’d like.

You can be a “Sports Player”. For example if you are a baseball player you can wear a t-shirt, pants, a baseball hat, and a bat. Or if you are a golf player you can carry a golf club, or if you are a tennis player-a racket…etc.

There are so many creative ways to make yourself a costume. You just have to be imaginative. I never buy costumes because it’s not worth it to spend 50+ dollars when I can make a great costume at home. Good luck…

Robert asks…

Where can i buy nice girl’s tights in Australia?

I’m looking for some different tights for my little girl (she’s 18 months). Something a bit funky, stripey, different colours….that kind of thing. Does anyone know of any Australian websites that i can get them from, or any shops over here that i can look in?

Adam answers:

Target???? I know that theyve got a lot of cute babies clothes and they’re not too exspensive either.

Carol asks…

What song truly defines or reminds you of the 80’s?

Can you name as many songs as you can that truly defines or reminds you of the 80’s.
Person with the most/best answers wins!
Have fun! =)

Adam answers:

Def Leppard- Por some sugar on me
ACDC- Shook me all night long
Rock me Amedeus- Falco
Can’t fight this feeling- Reo Speedwagon
Mony Mony- Billy Idol
Electric Avenue- Eddie Grant
Church of the poison mind- Culture Club
It ain’t enough- Corey hart
The Warrior- Scandal
Love is a battlefield- Pat Benatar
I love rock & roll- Joan Jett & the blackhearts
Sad Songs- Elton john
Papa don’t preach-Madonna
Hold me now-Thompson Twins
We don’t have to take our clothes off- Jermaine Jackson
The Reflex-Duran Duran
Wild Boys- Duran Duran
Dancing on the ceiling- Lionel Richie
I want a new drug- Huey Lewis & the news
Red Red Wine- ub40
Word up-Cameo
WIshing Well- Terance Trent D’arby
Touch Me- Samantha Fox
Girl you know it’s true-Milli Vanilli
Party all the time- Eddie Murphy
Push it- Salt-N-Pepa
Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics
Gonna make you sweat-C&C music factory
Angel- Aerosmith
Patience- G’N’R
i want your sex- George Michael
Part-time lover- Stevie Wonder
Locomotion-Kylie Minogue
Venus- Bananarama
Need you tonight- INXS
Straight up- Paula Abdul
The right stuff- New kids on the block
Back to life-Soul II Soul
Miss you much- Janet Jackson
West end girls- Pet shop boys
Diamond Sun- Glass Tiger
Mad about you- Belinda Carlisle
If you leave- O.M.D
shout-tears for fears
never gonna give you up-Rick astley
Vision of love- Mariah Carey
I think we’re alone now- Tiffany
Moonlight Desire- Gowan
Let’s go all the way- sly fox
rhythm of the night- El Debarge
Highway to the dangerzone- Kenny Loggins
Footloose- Kenny Loggins
Somebody’s watching me- Rockwell
Wake me up before yo go-go- Wham
Sunglasses at night- Corey Hart
Dance Desire- Haywire
Let’s go crazy-Prince
We’re not gonna take it- Twisted Sister
Bust a move- Young M.C.
Heat is on-Glenn Frey
Pump up the volume- M.A.R.R.S
Axle F- Harold Faltermeyer
Only in my dreams- Debbie Gibson
Final Countdown- Europe
Rock you like a hurricane- scorpians
California Girls- David Lee Roth
Jump- Van Halen
Ghostbuster-Ray Parker Jr.
Invisible Touch- Genesis
Africa- Toto
owner of a lonely heart- yes
Jump- Pointer sisters
You spin me round-Dead or alive
Don’t you forget about me- Simple minds
Down Under- Men at work
Beds are burning-Midnight Oil
Don’t you want me baby-Human league
Blue Monday- New Order
Love Shack- B 52’s
Let the music Play- Shannon
Pump up the jam-Technotronic
Walk like an egyptian- bangles
Our lips are sealed- Go-Go’s
Take on me- Ah-Ha
I can’t wait- Nu shooz
let’s dance- David Bowie
Let’s here it for the boy- Deniece Williams
Conga- Miami Sound machine
relax- Frankie goes to hollywood
I’m too sexy- Right Said Fred
Maniac-Michael Sembello
Gloria- Laura Branigan
She works hard for the money- Donna Summer
Everybody have fun tonight- Wang Chung
Hungry like the wolf- Duran Duran
She drives me crazy- fine young cannibals
funky Cold madina- Tone Loc
Mickey-Toni Basil
Too shy- Kajagoogoo
Two of hearts- Stacy Q
Our house- Madness
Jungle love- the time
i want candy- bow wow wow
Living in America- james Brown
Carribian Queen- Billy Ocean
Theme from S-Express-S-Express
Kokomo- Beach boys
hot, hot, hot- Buster Poindexter
montego bay- Amazulu
Hands up- ottawan
The tide is high- Blondie
Past the dutchie- musical youth
walking on sunshine- Katrina and the waves
Spring love- stevie B
Eye of the tiger- survivor
Some guys have all the luck- Rod stewart
Dreamin- Vanessa Williams
Twice my age- shabba ranks
rumors- timex social club
She’s like the wind- Patric Swayze
Hungry Eyes- Eric Carmen
All 4 love-color me badd
Oh sherrie- Steve perry
Roxette- She’s got the look
come go with me- expose
Hold on- Wilson Phillips
physical- Olivia newton-john
Sledgehammer- peter gabriel
try- Blue rodeo

lol-true 80’s buff

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