Questions About Furniture For Baby Doll

Donald asks…

Does your child have a baby doll furniture set you’d recommend?

I thought I’d seen a Graco or Evenflo brand baby doll set-all in one box that has a pack n play, a stroller, and a bouncy seat or something-but can’t find it now. Can you help? Or recommend a good set that is similar? Thanks!

*oh, and this is for my 2-year-old

Donna answers:

Our daughter has the “Little Mommy” set by Fisher Price. She got it about a year ago – it came with a cradle, walker, stroller and doll. I haven’t seen the same one – but this is similar with other toys:*78462*62943*&lang=en-US

James asks…

Where can I buy furniture for a 20″ baby doll?

I”ve purchased a “Reborn” baby doll for my daughter and now looking to find furniture for her (the doll). Most of the “doll furniture” is for 18″ dolls and under. I need to find places that sell doll furniture for dolls that are 20″ (inches), and at a reasonable price if possible. Thanks for all your help!

Donna answers:

You can buy it from
Hope this helps
Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

where could I find baby doll furniture that is red and black?

i am looking for crib, swing, high chair, stroller and playpen in red and black

Donna answers:

Have you tried looking on Ebay? They might have something that you want that is decent and at an affordable price.

Carol asks…

Anyone looking for used American Girl dolls or a Bitty Baby doll?

Hi, my mom wants me to sell my two american girl dolls, Molly and my look a like(blond hair and brown eyes) and my one bitty baby doll(white skin, blue eyes). I have 8 FULL outfits for the american girl doll, nothing is missing, i have checked online to make sure the full outfit is there. For the bitty baby doll, i have the starter suitcase(which includes two full outfits, 6 blocks, and two plastic lotion/baby powder bottles) & 5 full outfits w/ a toy and book, HOWEVER one of the books are colored in and i will not be selling that book or the markers. So altogether i have 8 outfits for the american girl doll, and 7 outfits for the bitty baby. The furniture i am selling for the american girl doll is (i believe Felicity’s) white bed with pink bows. For the bitty baby, i have the white crib, the white high chair that turns into a chair and table, and the white changing table w/ the bag included, nothing is missing.
If you are interested in buying anything, contact me at- [email protected]

pictures will be coming soon, probably in about 3 days,

thanks for being patient!
and dolls will be $70-$80 OR BEST OFFER.
outfits will be $12-14 OR BEST OFFER.

thanks so much for the emails and your patience.

Donna answers:

How much will you take for the entire lot? I’m very interested.

Michael asks…

What are some great birthday gift ideas for my two year old daughter?

She already has alot of baby doll furniture and baby dolls. We also collect Hello Kitty for her. Her birthday is Feb. 16, 2009.
Thank you!
A tricycle would be a great idea, but I forgot to mention that she has a Hello Kitty one from Christmas.

Donna answers:

Plastic or wooden puzzles
board books
education dvd’s
Little People play sets
Radio Flyer tricycle
bath toys
Leap Frog fridge phonics

Happy Birthday to your daughter

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