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Lisa asks…

Does Myer (Melbourne or Sydney) sell baby nursery furniture?

I am specifically after a cot and change table. I recently got a $1000 Myer voucher and I am 16 weeks pregnant and it would just be so financially handy if I can use the voucher to purchase the furniture for my nursery. Also, if anyone knows if they deliver/ship large items interstate that would be great cause I am in Tasmania and our Myer stores don’t have nursery furniture.

Donna answers:

They do have lots of great baby stuff (gifts & clothes) but as far as I know they don’t have nursery furniture. Maybe you could sell your voucher on eBay and buy what you want someplace else. Congrats on your baby!

Robert asks…

Ladies, when decorating your babies nursery what furniture did you buy? How did you decorate it?

Unfortunately, me and my hubby only have 1 room, so we have already left half of it empty(for the babies furniture) and I’m looking online to see what type of crib to get, dressers, changing table, rocking chair and so on. What kind of furniture did you buy for your baby? What do you recommend that I don’t buy? Ideas?

Donna answers:

–A crib– maybe one that goes from crib to toddler bed, to twin bed.

–Since your space is tight, you can get one of those dressers that have the changing space on top.

–A rocking chair would be wonderful if you have the space.

Later, a high chair that converts to a toddler chair.

Look for stuff that can be used in more than one way (like the dresser/changing table) or furniture that can grow with your baby through toddlerhood.

Don’t go with anything gimmicky or that you will only need for a short time.

Sharon asks…

When should I start buying baby furniture, nursery decor and other needs…clothes, toys ect.?

I am 6 weeks pregnant. I am looking forward to buying all the needs for my baby. When is a normal time to get started? Is now too early?

Donna answers:

Its never too early to get started i bought things as i had the money if a pay check was pretty good i would take any extra money i had and buy and outfit or two for the baby i stocked up on diapers with my first i bought a pack of diapers (different sizes if they don’t fit you can exchange them for a different size as long as they aren’t open)every week or every two weeks so i didn’t have to do a diaper run in the middle of the night! I bought her bedroom suit on a credit card and paid it off as quick as i could sometimes you have to do the whole credit card thing it sucks but baby’s are extremely expensive you can always start buying the little things like diapers wipes bibs bottles etc stuff you won’t have to spend alot of money on just a few extra dollars out of a good paycheck (and it will also make your day cause i can tell your just aching to get out and shop i know i was i would rather shop for my babies than myself) have fun you’ll be in heaven with all the stuff there is to chose from

Charles asks…

baby furniture nursery set?

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a nursery furniture set (the crib, changing table, and dresser) all together. I am buying this for a baby shower gift for a dear family member and would like to get a complete set together without having to buy separate pieces.
I would like to try to keep in relatively inexpensive too.

Donna answers:

I purchased my nursery furniture from Ikea, they do complete bedroom suites for the nursery, plus they are a lot cheaper than a lot of other places.

Mary asks…

Does anyone know where I can find anime-themed (especially Miyazaki) baby nursery items?

Appliques, baby nursery furniture, etc., is what I’m looking for.

Donna answers:

Try Ebay….someone is always selling specialized baby items on Ebay!!!

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