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Mandy asks…

Do you make more selling baby furniture online via Craigslist, ebay, Garage Sale or mom2mom sale?

I have gently used items from crib/pack n play, strollers, car seats, clothes etc etc.

Where would I see the most revenue?
Garage Sale
Mom2Mom sale (sale specifically for selling kids/baby items)

Donna answers:

Use eBay or craigslist from your choices, and I would choose cragislist because you don’t have to pay any fees to list or fees when you sell an item. The only downside to craigslist is you may not get a wide audience of buyers. A person would have to search your specific city or state to find you item, where with eBay it shows every location.

William asks…

What would you sell baby/toddler furniture for?

ok so i have a nice changing table (im saving the bed), a high chair evenflo in great condition, a bigger stroller, and a so so toddler car seat. i know they arent all furniture. we are wanting to have a sale. any suggestions on pricing these items?
Thanks ahead of time 🙂
none of these items are in bad condition. ive cleaned all of them up and they look darn near new. the only one that isnt all that great is the car seat its just not all that nice.

Donna answers:

I sold my highchair (in good condition) for $25. And nobody asked otherwise.

I sold other baby equipment for what I found to be fair. I thought about what we paid for it, thought about how much it went for in a store brand new, and found middle ground. But also allowed people to give an offer. If it was something I felt was fair, I’d go for it. If someone needed a break, I’d be helpful.

I listed all my stuff on Craigslist and posted pictures. Then local people came by (when my husband was home) and looked at it if they were still interested. I sold everything and made $250. Between baby clothes, boppy pillows, pack n’ plays etc.

Betty asks…

Where can I find stores in Maryland that buy gently used baby clothing, furniture & toys?

My baby hardly used any of his clothes and toys and they are in good condition, I tried craglist but no luck, cant have a garage sale since i live in an apartment so any idea if there are any stores in the State of maryland that would buy gently used baby stuff. Im looking for stores in the Gaithersburg, Rockville, Germantown area thanks!

Donna answers:

Why buy from the store and pay sales tax. Internet shopping for Toys are the way.


Sandra asks…

Baby and Kids furniture?

Does anyone know any good stores or websites that sales cute and durable furniture for baby and kids? i know pottery barn kids, any other?

Donna answers:

GF, or check, I just received a recliner for my 16 month old from as well as a table set. If you know what you want, you will find it there.

Mary asks…

I just saw the CUTEST baby furniture………..?

on sale at Toys R Us. It was a three piece set for only $700!
My question is, is it to early to buy this? Im 17 weeks and 4 days. Should I wait until after the 19 week ultrasound? Should I wait to see if the in-laws want to contribute? (they leave things to the last minute). What should I do?? Should I buy it?? lol
Have a look at the catalogue! The first pages 🙂 This is Australian dollars by the way
I didnt think $700 was alot. Hey, but Ive never looked at this stuff before! lol
I think I should probably wait, Im just sooooo excited! lol

Donna answers:

It is not to early. I started buying when i was 3 months along. IT is better to be prepared and ready then not prepared. Tlak to you inlaws and see if they want to help with the purchases.

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