Questions About Newborn Baby Clothes

Robert asks…

Do newborn baby clothes usually last beyond 8 pounds like the tag says?

I have a ton of newborn clothes but my doctor is saying the my baby is going to be a big boy. I’m worried nothing will fit him.

Adam answers:

My son is a 2 months old and over 13 pounds and recently I found a onesie that was labeled NB 5-8 pounds and I looked at it and said to myself, let’s see if it still fits and it did. It really depends on the brand. It’s kinda like I had size six pants that would fit and size 10 that where too tight.

Laura asks…

Does or Would anybody rent their newborn baby clothes?

I have heard that there are services that you can rent newborn baby clothes, and due to them growing so quickly that this is a viable option.

If you don’t rent now would you be attracted to this type of service? What would be the pro’s and con’s?

Doing some reasearch, and your answers and thoughts are appreciated!

Adam answers:

I find that unappealing on several levels, but I’ll answer it from a business perspective.

Lessee- will never get their ‘deposit’ back because it would be rare to return all clothing in the same condition it was rented.

Leassor- will have constant outflow of cash with minimal inflow because of the above- clothing can never to rarely be returned in new condition! Even consignment shops only take a fraction of what people bring them for consideration.

Donna asks…

Where can I order cheap but good quality newborn baby clothes? And help cheers guys.?

I’m 15 and need to buy newborn baby clothes. I got the bottles and that from baby luv but need to get cheap but good quality clothes?(: xx

Adam answers:

Kid to kid store…its sort of like a childrens platos closet…u can go in a trade old clothes in for money to buy new things..they have lots of accesories as well

Linda asks…

Do you wash baby clothes before putting them on a newborn?

I just wondered whether it is common to wash and iron new clothes for a newborn baby before the baby wears them for the first time? All the women in my country do that but to me it seems pointless if the clothes are brand new. They say a baby needs a sterile environment in the first weeks of his life, but to me it just seems like a bit too anxious behaviour.

Adam answers:

Absolutely – you don’t know where they’ve been or who has handled them

Sandra asks…

anyway to get free car seat for a newborn and free baby clothes?

I am 3 months and 1 week pregnant I am not sure if im gonna have a baby shower because of finances so i was wondering if there is anyway to get free newborn baby clothes and a newborn carseat and toys for free if so please let me know give me a website if needed and ill answer your questions
I am living in the state of florida by the way

Adam answers:

Get a job.

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