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Maria asks…

Is it okay to order baby gear such as crib set from

My husband and I are currently shopping for baby gear. I am due end of this summer. We wanted to buy a crib and have decided on Graco sarah 4-in-1 convertible crib. Some of my friends took the same model from Walmart but currently the lowest price seems to be available at amazon.

My question is – If it is okay to order baby gear online? If its a branded item, will it arrive in good shape and safe? or do u recommend I pay more and take it from a store?


Adam answers:

It’s a great way to order anything! I started out ordering books, then kitchen gadgets and all kinds of stuff. I was so happy with Amazon, that I included it on my baby shower website … I even have a cribs section if you want to check it out 🙂 … Http:// … (use the search box to find the style you’re looking for)

I have bought ‘used’ items before (usually books), but even the new items are generally less expensive than anywhere else!


Charles asks…

Online shopping for high end baby gear and furniture?

Hi everyone,
Can you tell me where I can look for all things baby. I want hings at the high end of the market like baby Dior, burberry etc. obviously there is the direct online section of the brands but I want something that is directly geared to babies. Can be clothes, presents, furniture for the babies room etc.
Also, I am almost full term but we have a holiday house and I’m looking at decoration ideas for baby girls room. any pics?
Don’t worry about price when sending links.
Thanks everyone.
well gee thanks for the genuine answer. Actually there is a thing called baby Dior. I can afford it and I am on yahoo answers so I thought there may be some other people in the same position. I was just asking if you knew any stores, not necessarily what baby Dior items you own. It could just be for a birth gift so please if you don’t have anything that may be useful don’t just come in here and attack me. Thanks to anyone who genuinly answers.

Adam answers:

Here’s a site that looks like they ship to the States. As for other’s comments…I stopped caring a long time ago what other people on here think:)

Robert asks…

Where do i buy baby gear online?

This will be my 3rd child and THIS TIME its a BOY. There for nothing from my previous children is for boys. lol Sooo here goes the hunt for baby gear for boys. I CANT FIND ANYTHING ONLINE!! I dont have the time to go out and shop. work and take care of 2 girls full time.

I’ve looked at and baby…i dont know where else to look. i refuse to buy used so dont suggest ebay or something like that.

but where do i look?? im out of ideas.
we dont really shop at kmart. everytime we buy something from there it becomes a disappointment.

Adam answers: It has the same great stuff that is in stores, plus more that are only sold online.

Mark asks…

Those of you TTC, do you find yourself shopping or just browsing online for maternity clothes and baby gear,?

even though you’re on your period?
and do you find it hard to look at pregnant women? I do! Especially women i don’t like and who got pregnant by being stupid (they didn’t want pregnant but were too stupid to take the precautions to prevent it)

Adam answers:

Yes, it is called wishful thinking. It is hard not to. And yes even more on the not being able to tolerate the stupid people getting pregnant. I had a cousin who got pregnant three times while we were TTC, with unwanted pregnancies. It does hurt. Baby showers also suck. Hang in there, it will resolve itself. I never did get pregnant, but we did adopt and I have an adorable little girl and I could not be happier. Things really do happen for a reason. ((((hugs))))

Mandy asks…

Where can I get cheap baby gear?

I am on a tight budget and i have to shop online because i live in the middle of no where.

Adam answers:

Albee Baby is a good. I buy a lot on Amazon and Both are good and shipping is cheap or free. That’s the main thing to look at, because shipping can bump the price you pay WAAAY up.

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