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Sharon asks…

Holiday clothes for baby and toddler?

My husband and I have a four year old girl and a two year old boy, and we love doing the cheesy holiday photo to include with our Christmas cards to friends and family. I’m kind of stumped this year for holiday clothes and fashion dresses for babies and toddlers. I’m sick of Target and wouldn’t set foot in Walmart. I’m always open to shopping online (so much more convenient!). Do you have any recommendations?

Donna answers:

Baby Box has a great selection of everyday clothing and pretty dresses that would look nice in a picture. My think is that I don’t want to just spend money for a dress that they will never use but to just wear in a pictures. So I would get it now so that you can wear it for the pictures and then for Thanksgiving and any other gatherings you may have. I like getting nice dresses that are quality and you are right…Walmart is great for play clothes but not for nice holiday or fashion dresses.

Ruth asks…

Can you suggest some good online clothing stores for newborn babies?

I’m the mother of a three-year-old son, and I’m having twin boys in August. I’ve been put on bedrest, and I’ve been shopping online to find clothing for my newborn sons. But I can’t seem to find any good quality clothing stores online recently – I’ve already exhausted babyGap and Old Navy. Can you suggest some good online stores? Thanks!

Donna answers: (they have blowout sales, but you gotta catch it because they go fast) (when they have sales it is pretty good they are having one now ends tomorrow extra 25% off select sale items)

those are the 2 online stores i order from besides ebay. Good luck & congrats!

Add: shipping is standard $5, but if you do a google search ( coupon) you can usually find promotion codes for free shipping. I just ordered a couple shirts for my son.

Carol asks…

Places to shop for clothing online for Toddler?

Besides the regulars like:

baby Gap
janie and jack
. com’s


Donna answers:

77 Kids by American Eagle! They just opened their online store (just in time for Christmas I guess). I’m not a mom but I think they’re cute!

Linda asks…

Moms, what baby clothing website do you recommend?

i want to buy some clothes for my daughter online.

It’s kinda cold these days and I really don’t take my daughter out. It’s always drizzzling and cold.
I think shopping online would be easier for me.

Any nice clothing websites for babies??

Donna answers:

Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree, Childrens Place, Carters…

Lizzie asks…

is there anywhere you can shop online with checking accounts i dont have a credit card?

for junior clothing and baby things

Donna answers:

There is a card you can put money into and use it like credit without needing to have a bank account or having to give out your bank info. Works just like a check card but you have to put money on it, like a phone card or gift card. I think even American Express has one! Check at a check cashing/ payday loan place.

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