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William asks…

What is your favorite baby clothes stores?

What is your favorite stores to shop for your baby? I personally love the gap and the childrens place. Any other good stores?

Donna answers:

I just love the clothes.

Joseph asks…

At what stage of your pregnancy did you start shopping for your baby?

I’m 20 weeks and still haven’t got a thing for my baby. In my country baby shower happens two weeks after the baby is born. This means the mom to be actually has to buy important stuff for her baby. I feel like its too early for me to start shopping, or as soon as I start shopping something could go wrong. I’m being this paranoid due to my previous multiple miscarriages. Anyways do u think its ok for me to shop now, when did you do yours? Thanks

Donna answers:

I started shopping after I knew the sex of the baby, you don’t want to wait until the last minute and scrambling to get everything you need. Whatever you buy just keep all the receipts and know the return policy in case something does happen to the baby. Just hope for the best and try not to worry. Good luck with everything

George asks…

Where do you shop for your groceries for you and your baby?

Donna answers:

Wal mart, that seems to be the only store I EVER go into anymore, we used to go to Krogers, and all of those places, but it’s too much trouble to get him in and out of the car, so we go to wal mart and thats it

Carol asks…

When did you start buying all your baby bits?

I’m 23 weeks pregnant and we haven’t really bought much for our baby yet – i have the moses basket & a rocking crib but nothing else, no mattresses, sheets, cot, nursery set, bouncer etc.

Should i have started to buy more things by now or did you start baby shopping later in your pregnancy?

I don’t seem to have really had the urge or incentive to baby shop just yet!

Donna answers:

With my first, I didn’t even have a cot till she was born! And those things I did have were purchased from about 32 weeks onward.
With my second (and current), I had bought all the essentials by about 32 weeks, and have just been buying extras since! The nursery was set up and decorated by about 34 weeks.
It totally depends on you and your financial situation. You still have ages to go, so you don’t need to rush it. I’v been off work since early pregnancy so i’v had plenty of spare time and small amounts of spare money so i’v kept myself busy!

Thomas asks…

If you shop for your baby?

If you come across a HUGE SALE, say at Children’s Place, or Baby Gap (I’m talking 2 dollar shorts or pants)….do you buy clothes for your baby that are bigger. Say your baby is in 6-9 months, would you buy 18-24 months?
Yeah, I stock up on the basics. Plus,, around here…Southern California, we layer. It never really gets too cold. So if anything I can just throw a sweater over whatever she is wearing, 🙂

Donna answers:

Yes that is the only way i shop! I always hit up the end of the season sales for the next year! It is soooo cheap and you get all the cute clothes from name brand places!

Edit- i have never had a probably with not buying the right size if you know your kid it is pretty darn easy. If he is average then you just stay around the size of his age. If he is bigger then buy alittle bigger.
I’ve been doing this for 5 years with all three of my children with no problems! Sorry other moms but you must be pretty stupid if you can’t guess the size of your kid for the next year! Shoes are a different story though!!!

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