Questions About Shop For Your Baby

Chris asks…

Where are your favorite places to shop for your baby?

Where are your favorite places to buy clothes for your baby?

admin answers:

Gymboree, Baby Gap, Janie and Jack, Hanna Andersson, Tea Collection, Mini Boden

I also like some Carter’s and Target for play clothes.

Nancy asks…

Where is you favorite place to shop for your baby’s clothes?

Anywhere. It can be a baby store, department store, secondhand shop, whatever.

admin answers:

Old Navy

If I had more money to spend, I love clothes from
Baby Gap
Children’s Place

David asks…

Where’s your favorite place online to shop for your baby?

Looking for some sites to do some online shopping for fall clothes..what’s ur favorite site to shop at, preferably one with good clearance items? baby is 2 months and wearing 3-6month in most brands, he was born 7 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches but already weighs 14 lbs 5 oz..what size clothes do you think he will be in by this fall?

admin answers:

I like some of gymboree’s clothes, a cheaper version of gymboree is
I also like Kohls, JCP, Gap, and Old Navy.

Donald asks…

Where do you shop for your baby ?

I know of

Childrens Place
Crazy 8
Old Navy
The Gap
Jack and Jill

and i know Walmart/Kmart/Target and TJ Max also sell baby clothes.

admin answers:

I pretty much buy where ever is having a good sale. 🙂

Costco for Carter jammies — they have the best prices on sleepers and/or summer PJs for kids.

I shop Old Navy, Gymboree, Children’s Place and Target the most but I pretty much buy where ever is having a good sale or if someone has something that’s just too cute for words. 🙂

I like the Pumpkin Patch, that one is not on your list and you can buy online if they don’t have one near you. Company Kids had some kids clothes, as does Pottery Barn Kids. Osh Kosh and Carter stores and outlets are all kid based too. Nordstom carries kid stuff, as does JcPenny, Sears etc.

One interesting thing of note, just like Old Navy, the Gap and Banana Republic are the same “company,” so are Crazy 8, Gymboree and Janie & Jack, just different items at different price points. But, they all have a similar “feel” to the type of clothes they carry, so if you can’t afford Janie and Jack (or just don’t want to) you can get similar type ones at the others for less.

ETA: My best kids shopping experience though is to shop the end of season sales for the following year. I swear I buy 80% of my kids next year wardrobe this way and save $100s of dollars. An added plus is that I always have something to throw on my children if the weather goes wonky and I need something out of season.

Charles asks…

What are some of your favorite stores to shop for your baby at?

admin answers:



The Childrens Place

Chapters (for books)

Once Upon a Child (gently used baby items)

Can’t forget babies R us

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