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Thomas asks…

Baby Sleeping Bags/Grobags Advice Needed?!?

What does your baby wear when he/she sleeps in a sleeping bag/grobag and the temp is at the recommended temp of 18 c?

And what do they wear if the temp is higher or lower?

If you swaddle your baby, what do they wear?
Can the wear a bodysuit and a sleeping or is that too much?
Sorry, I meant can the baby wear a bodysuit and a sleeping suit/all in one or is that too much?

Donna answers:

We had gro bags. My son wore a vest and babygro and was quite happy.
I don’t think they mind too much, as long as they are not really hot or really cold.
They have suggested things on the instructions.
If it was really cold, we put a blanket over the top of him, once he had gone to sleep and stopped wriggling!
If it was really warm, he just slept in babygro.

Maria asks…

baby sleeping bag advice,?

Hi this may sound like a silly question. i was wondering weather or not i should use a grow bag for our baby in the summer.She has been in a 2.5 tog all winter and now its warmer was thinking of getting a 1tog for summer. She always kicks off her bed clothes and kept getting cold so thats why i started using one. But what i was wondering is it worth buying a 1tog as it is nearly summer would a 1tog be to much. What did you other mums use in the summer time I no this a daft question but i am a first time mum and am unsure wether to get one or not as not to sure if its a waste of money.

Donna answers:

Not a daft question at all, quite the reverse.

A lightweight bag for the summer is well worth it, because the nights can become cool for a baby. The label usually tells you what temps they are suitable for. My daughter used the baby sleeping bags for her little one and they were a great success. As to the cost, you may find that one of your friends has one that their baby has outgrown.

Steven asks…

moving baby from cot to bed advice?

my son is ten and a half months old.. i am thinking of trying him in a bed sometime after christmas.. but i will be scared incase he rolls out or smothers in the blanket?? he sleeps in a baby sleeping bag atm..

any advice on moving from cot to bed?

Donna answers:

I would not move him to a bed, until he can get up and down from the sofa/a bed etc.
The recommended age to move a baby to a bed is 18 months +
Of course some babies can climb out of their cots earlier than that, but under one is definitely way too young to be in a regular bed.

Mandy asks…

Advice for babies born in October.?

My baby is due 27th October. I am going to use a sleeping bag once the baby goes in a cot. How many blankets did/ would you use for when your baby is in the moses basket. I am going to dress the baby in a vest and sleep suit.

How is everyone else getting on?

Donna answers:

My son was born late september and i used a cellular blanket and the little quilt that came with moses basket to cover with and on colder nights i would double the cellular blanket over and sometimes put a cardigan on him.
I used a sleeping bag when my son went into the cot as well.
Much better and safer than using blankets!

Richard asks…

Should I use sleeping bag or blanket for my baby?

We live in Los Angeles and our baby is due on the end of July. It will be hot then. Should I put him in a sleeping bag or blanket? Any advice? Thank you .

Donna answers:

Use light blankets. Heavy blankets and sleeping bags should not be used until the baby is around a year old due to the risk of suffocation.

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